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  1. qgis with Oracle Cloud Database

“One of these complex situations is the connection to an Always Free Autonomous Database. Oracle tries to secure the database access, so by default it does not allow a simple connection with host, port, service_name and username/password. Instead a wallet is provided to secure the network access before providing the credentials.”

2. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Snapshot RestAPI – Part 4: Generate Bearer Token

This is a 4 part blog:

Part 1: Create Confidential Application (IDCS)

Part 2: Create an OCI Storage Bucket

Part 3: Change Token Timeout for Analytics application

3. PL/pgSQL Date Function

“This post provides an example of using PostgreSQL’s REGEXP_MATCH function, which works very much like the REGEXP_LIKE function in Oracle and a verify_date function that converts a string data type to date data type.”

4. Export multiple tables to one Excel with different sheets in Oracle APEX

Dimitri Gielis writes, “Today there was a question on how to export data from the Oracle Database and Oracle APEX into one Excel file with multiple sheets. Each sheet contains data from a different table.

With APEX Office Print it’s a matter of a few minutes to fulfill this request 😀”

5. Provide Feedback Not Working with 22.04

Eric Erikson begins with: “When there is an issue with Oracle EPM Cloud, one of the steps to work with Oracle support is to use the the provide feedback process to generate a UDR for the environment (which basically lets Oracle support look at the snapshot). But what if that doesn’t work? What do you do?”

6. Analytical SQL – Running Total – Order by without Partition By

This is a 3 part blog. The first two blogs are:

Analytical SQL – SUM without Window Clause

Analytical SQL – SUM with Partition By

7. Improve Oracle Database Security With Enterprise Manager 13c

Alfredo Krieg writes, “Today’s blog is about how Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) can help Database Administrators to secure and harden the Oracle Databases they manage along with the hosts those databases are running on.”

8. Using an Oracle Analytics Data Connection in a Semantic Model

Dayne Carley begins by saying, “This post demonstrates using an Oracle Analytics data connection in a Semantic Model connection pool for a TLS-enabled database. Using a data connection has various advantages over prior methods.
The examples in this post use a Public OAC and ADW for simplicity. The use of Private OAC, Private Access Channel, and an a private dedicated ADB is described in this post.”

9. Find the Useful OPATCH Commands for Oracle Database

Mir Sayeed Hassan gives some Useful OPATCH Commands for Oracle Database

10. Oracle OCI AI Services

Brendan Tierney says, “Oracle Cloud have been introducing new AI Services over the past few months, and we see a few more appearing over the coming few months. When you look at the list you might be a little surprised that these are newly available cloud services from Oracle. The list can be located in your Oracle Cloud account from the hamburger menu.”


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