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1.10 Best Database Management Software of 2021 (+ Examples)

This blog lists the Best Database Management Software as:

  1. ManageEngine Applications Manager
  2. DBeaver 
  3. Raima Database Manager 
  4. Valentina 
  5. Redis Enterprise 
  6. DbVisualizer 
  7. Oracle Database
  8. Database Labs
  9. Sadas Engine 
  10. Percona Monitoring and Management 

and gives an extensive overview of each. It also gives 11 other Database Management Software Options.

2. Dynamic top N and others selection in OAC / OAS Self Service (DV)

This blog was written as the author needed to create a dynamic selection of Top N in Oracle Analytics Project/Workbook. Read the full blog for more information.

3. Working with External Data on Oracle DB Docker

Brendan Tierney writes:

“With multi-modal databases (such as Oracle and many more) you will typically work with data in different formats and for different purposes. One such data format is with data located external to the database. The data will exist in files on the operating systems on the DB server or on some connected storage device.

The following demonstrates how to move data to an Oracle Database Docker image and access this data using External Tables. (This based on an example from with a few additional commands).”

4. Which BI Dashboards Are Most Valuable?

Tim Vlamis asks, “So how do you know which dashboards are worth the effort in time and resources to develop?

5. Introduction to Conditional Formatting in Oracle Analytics 6.1

Mark Daynes gives an introduction to Conditional Formatting in 6.1

6. Oracle 19c (19.12) – Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) Replication.

Y.V Ravi Kumar goes through:

*Primary RAC

*Standby RAC

*ACFS Replication

* Configuring Password-less SSH login

7. New JS API in APEX 21.2

Daniel Hocjleitner writes, “As John already teased in his blog post about the JavaScript API changes in APEX 21.2, there is a new namespace coming.

Main purpose of it is to have an out-of-the-box replacement for Moment.js which is part of APEX since we introduced our Calendar region with FullCalendar version 3. In APEX 21.1 this region was updated to use the newer version 5 of the underlying FullCalendar library, and this particular version doesn’t come with Moment.js anymore and changed many other things, especially from an API point of view. If you’re interested in these changes in more detail, we created a blog posting back when 21.1 was released to help developers to get started with this new version.”

Read the full blog for more.

8. Oracle Analytics best practices: performance tuning relational database queries

Nicolas Barasz has written a best part series for Oracle Analytics – the first blog is here.

9. Deloitte delivers analytics ecosystems with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Richard Solari writes:

“The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted how and where work is traditionally done. But it also provided a unique opportunity for organizations to take analytics out of the back office and apply it in new ways – creating globally matrixed teams, providing new opportunities for employees, and ultimately changing the way project deliveries are executed. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) has enabled us to do this and more in ways that were not as fully explored before the pandemic made it necessary.”

10. How to create database objects with Toad for Oracle Pro DB Admin

Deepak Vohra writes about:

*Setting the environment

*How to create a database object

*How to create an object table

*What’s Next

Plus offering some extensive related information – blogs, data sheets, videos, demos and Oracle documentation

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