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1.Oracle Analytics Server to replace OBIEE

Mazen Manasseh writes about the following advantages:

  • Business users benefit from enhanced Data Visualization and Data Preparation features.
  • Augmented analytics with machine learning capabilities become available to end-users.
  • Analytics platform remains Oracle supported so you get the latest features and remain certified against updates to related Oracle and 3rd Party software.
  • With OAS, it becomes more viable to deploy both OAS and OAC in a hybrid manner.

2. Oracle Analytics Server

Documentation that helps you get started with Oracle Analytics Server

3. Oracle Analytics Server 5.5.0


4. Oracle Analytics Server (OAS) vs Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Mazen Manasseh begins by saying, “OAC and OAS are congruent products and therefore enable organizations to leverage both deployments simultaneously. Going from OAS to OAC or vice-versa is as simple as creating a snapshot from one place and restoring it onto another. However, there are some differences between the two. In this post I am summarizing what these are at this time.”

5. Oracle Analytics Server: Feet on the Ground with a Look to the Cloud

Michael Singer asks, “What is Oracle Analytics Server?”

He gives us Great News for Current OBI Customers

And finally asks, “How does Oracle Analytics Server Incorporate AI and Machine Learning?”

6. Hello, Oracle Analytics Server; Goodbye, OBIEE & Analytics Updates | US-Analytics

Michelle Heath says, “Goodbye, OBIEE!”

7. Oracle Analytic Server (OAS) 5.5 is Available

Tanya Heise says, “Oracle Analytics Server brings the modern, industry-leading capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud to organizations that require on-premise deployments. With Oracle Analytics Server, your organization can take advantage of augmented analytics and world-class data discovery capabilities.”

8. Oracle Analytics Server Step by Step Installation

Francesco Tisiot goes through the Installation Step by Step and Configuration.

He concludes, “The whole example above was performed on a OCI compute instance installing schemas on a DBaaS. This could be a solution for customers willing to use the Oracle cloud but still needing a level of customization and control higher than what’s achievable in OAC.”

9. Oracle Analytics Server is a reality! But watch out for the right FMW

Gianni Ceresa begins with, “Oracle Analytics Server was long-awaited, first expected to be released in December 2019, nothing happened and the silence and lack of info from Oracle made us imagine the worse.
The wait is now over and version 5.5.0 of Oracle Analytics Server is available for download on https://edelivery.oracle.com, searching for “Oracle Analytics Server”.”

10. OAS 5.5 AKA the next version of OBIEE is available 

This one links to the download page, edelivery page, Gianni Ceresa’s blogcertification matrix, documentation and differencess in the server and Rittman Mead’s installation guide.

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