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Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.

And another…

The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed.

The sun is out in the UK! Pull up a deckchair, slap on the Factor 30 and read some of the latest news and blogs in the outdoors!

Blogs of the week

1. Cat or Dog — Image Classification with Convolutional Neural Network

Andrejus Baranovskis writes, “The goal of this post is to show how convnet (CNN — Convolutional Neural Network) works. I will be using classical cat/dog classification example described in François Chollet book — Deep Learning with Python. Source code for this example is available on François Chollet GitHub. I’m using this source code to run my experiment.”

2. OAC systemsettings

Wayne D Van Sluys begins by saying, “As of the writing of this post many on Oracle Analytics Cloud will have been patch to the latest version.  My current Cloud Analytics Cloud BI Instance is: Oracle Business Intelligence Product Version (Build BIPS-20190315164310 64-bit) With this update there are a host of new properties available in the Service Administration.”

3. Oracle Tidbits: April 2019 #oratidbit

A round up of April’s #oratidbit tweets (as appear on Facebook and Twitter)

4. Gathering Important Application Information for Oracle Cloud Migration

Umair Mansoob opens this blog by saying, “Many organizations are looking into migrating their applications to Oracle cloud and with time their numbers are only going to be increased. There are many ways to migrate your application to Oracle cloud, but they all have one common important phase called application discovery.”

5. OBIEE Variables overview

This blog shares a screenshare that shows the overview of OBIEE variables.

6. Oracle: compare DB Time and CPU time to ASH

Kyle Hailey compares AAS from ASH verses SYSMETRICs specifically, starting by saying that “ASH CPU is consistently lower that SYSMETRIC CPU and that could be because waits burn CPU but show up as waits and not CPU in ASH. On the other hand, not sure why total AAS from SYSMETRIC  is consistently smaller than total AAS from ASH.”

7. Updated Version of Optimized WebLogic Image on Docker

Dirk Nachbar says, “Yesterday I published my solution for an optimized WebLogic Image on Docker https://dirknachbar.blogspot.com/2019/05/optimized-weblogic-image-on-docker.html). The yesterday’s version was limited to the usage of Oracle Server JRE 8u152, due to an Oracle Bug 27117282.”

8. Playing with Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT)

Francisco Munoz Alvarez begins his blog by saying, “The Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) is an incredible free command line tool provided by Oracle Corporation as a utility to help you verify your database for common database security issues(including security policies and controls in place), as well as helping to identify possible sensible data stored with the database.”

10. Highlight ‘current’ card in APEX

Scott Wesley opens by saying, “Earlier today I posted a solution that required a bit of jQuery to execute after refresh of a report.
Avoiding post-processing is always nice, so here’s an example that is resolved during render.”

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