A sneak preview of 11g?

I think I have found my favorite client.

Not only are we analysing 4GB of data, 4 times every day, in a 10 minute ETL, but we’re adding some cool features to the dashboards.

One feature is tree view. Those who use APEX will be familiar with how these work, and I suspect it’s the same javascript code in the background.

I am using the tree viewing in two ways, one to navigate through data, organised in hierarchies, and the other as a reports/dashboard navigator. Using a look up table which contains the ‘menu’ items. This is useful where there are lots and lots of reports and dashboards and you want to give everyone a similar front end menu.

Whilst we were having fun with trees we then added some tabs inside a dashboard page – in fact we even have tabs inside tabs inside pages. The tricky bit is getting content into the tabs, which involves some xml fun and games – not recommended!.

One last bit of gadgetry we put in last night was a simple show/hide routine that is used to display whole reports, or just hide tables or charts on a report. This enables us to load lots of reports on a page then flick between them very quickly – no waiting for a page to load. You have more control of prompts here too.