Analytics Projects – Who wants one?

Whilst looking around for my next client I realise that we, as Analytics consultants, need to talk to each other more. Whats more, the consultancies and clients really need a place to go for reliable, experienced Analytics specialists.

I was discussing one new project with Haider and it turns out he worked on it before. It’s a small world, and Siebel Analytics has a relatively small client base (my wild guess is 400-500 UK clients, half of which are active).
I know about 75 Analytics consultants. There are probably another 100 out there, perm employees, that may one day become freelance and pop up in the Majendi radar.

At the moment the Agencies have a good control on the Market. There are some that put out adverts for non existant jobs. They are useful to the liquidity of the market and some work hard for their cut of you pay. Just be careful they are not taking too much, the best ones have a fixed percentage with their clients. More than 15% is excessive.

So how do we help consultants? We probably should look at the networking capabilty that’s out there, linkedIn, Xing, ecademy, Yahoo, etc, and perhaps set-up an OBIEE/Analytics forum. There we could share thoughts on prices to charge, new projects, help needed, technical stuff, etc. I have started one group on Yahoo, if you fancy joining in, let me know – it’s invite only. I’m not sure if this helps the clients though.

Any thoughts?

On the subject of rate. You are what you charge. If you charge a cheap rate, your will be percieved as local quality, if you charge a premium rate you should deliver a premium level of service.
What are those rates? My view is that a certified consultant with 2 years (min 3 projects) Analytics consultant should be charging a minimum of 600 GBP per day. Lead consultants, with 7+ project should be GBP 750 per day. The consultancies will obviously need to charge clients a higher level. Some of the cheaper ones are charging 6-700 euro per day, the better ones, with good experience and efficient work, will be charging 900 plus.
One client I saw recently had a greatdeal with a low cost provider, the problem was they didn;t trust the work, and the estimate for time was nearly double what was really required. The client ends up paying nearly the same for inferior work. Somehow we need to educate that quality is very important to them, not cheapness.


  1. I agree with you 100% I am having the same problem in America. Fortune 1000, over here are going for consultants that claim to know the applications for 65 Dollars per hour. I know for a fact from a friends as well as my own experience that the majority lie in their resume/CV. A great number of those projects do not make it and that is given the products and applications a bad reputation. My blog is I would like your idea about keeping in touch and share ideas.

  2. You are right. We are what we charge. I am having a problem competing with consultants who claim to know these products, which in reality the great majority lie in their resumes. I get fortune 500 offer me 55 Dollars per hour all inclusive. These are the big ones out there. At the end they go for the ones that claim to know this technology and at the end most projects fail. These is giving siebel Analytics/Oracle BI application a bad reputation.

    I think it is a good idea to keep in touch and share ideas.

  3. It is the responsibility of the Manager who engages the consultants to ensure that they each have the required industry and technical background to actually perform the job well.

    BTW, would you pick a surgeon based on their hourly rate or their track record?

    How about a Brain Surgeon?

    For yourself?

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