And another thing

You wait ages for a blog to come along, then three turn up at once.

I just had to mention the WHOPPING great rpd that I had to investigate the other day.

It was 50 MB.

Supplied by Oracle as part of the 7.9 Applications install.

It’s not that it takes ages to load and edit in the Admin tool, it’s just a nightmare to figure out which bits belong to which Licence option. I need to write some UDML scripts to deal with the different packs. Maybe one of you lot already have some to send me 🙂


  1. Bleach! Never mind that .rpd.

    Looking at the average Siebel OLTP you have to go up against it’s anyways always a better choice to first strip it down to the bare minimum you know you ‘ll need and then work from there.

    They put way to much cr*p in there.

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