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1. Purging corrupted OBIEE web catalog users

This blog by Christian Berg says, “Sometimes it can happen that user profiles within a web catalog become corrupted for any number of reasons. In order for these user profiles to be correctly re-initialized, there’s more to be done than just drop /users/JohnDoe from the web catalog.

All in all there are three distinct places which need to be cleaned:

  • /users/JohnDoe
  • /system/users/123456
  • /system/acocuntids/987654″

He then goes on to explain how to do this.

He asks us to note that this is a quick & dirty solution and he hasn’t fool-proofed it with any check like “does the folder exist” etc. so use it cautiously and at your own risk!!

2. Global Currencies in Oracle BIA

Daan Bakboord writes, “If you read the Oracle Documentation for Oracle BIA (, you could find the following; “Currency conversions are required because your business might have transactions involving multiple currencies. To create a meaningful report, you have to use a common currency.”

Oracle BIA stores amounts in the following currencies;

– Document Currency –> Currency of the actual Transaction (Can vary in a multinational organization)
– Local Currency –> Currency defined in the Ledger
– Global Currency –> Defined in the DAC

You can use a Global Currency if you want to report all the different Currencies in one Global Currency (eg. ‘EUR’, or ‘USD’). Oracle BIA for Oracle eBS is able to report in 3 different Global Currencies. If you use Oracle BIA for CRM, you are able to store an additional two Global Currencies. You define the Global Currencies in the DAC.”

Read on for further details.

3. New Features in Oracle Fusion/Cloud Applications Release 8

Alexander Hansal writes, “As announced a few days ago, Oracle has published a new release of its Fusion Applications (ERP, HCM, CRM) product line, namely Release 8.”

Alexander gives his personal list of highlights as:

  • New Skyros Theme
  • Redesigned Global Header
  • User Interface Text Editor
  • Application Composer

4. Finding Calculated View Columns

Jeff Smith says, “Imagine you have 300 or so views, and within those views, are a bunch of business rules. Like, we’re going to calculate someone’s salary as their salary + their (commission percent * sales). Now imagine your views, and their columns, aren’t documented. They’re not documented in the data model, and they’re not documented via the column comments. Now imagine someone is asking you for a full accounting of these so they CAN be documented.”

Jeff then goes on to give us a solution to this.

5. OBIEE 11g – How to Add New Fonts in Answers and Dashboards

This blog by Pravin Khadakkar is an attempt to share information he recently came across regarding adding new fonts in Answers and Dashboards.

He goes through processes for ‘Add New Font’ and ‘Add Font in Schema for Validation.’

6. Performance testing of Hive, Impala and esProc Part 2

In the previous article, they tested the grouping computing. In this article, they test their performances and compare their results in associating computing.

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