Are you good at OBIEE Dashboard Building?

The art of writing superb analyses and building popular interactive dashboards is not something that we see much of in the OBIEE blogsphere.  Sure we have to build fast databases, and configure the servers, but what the customer sees is the dashboard.

I will look a bit harder this week for front end tips, so please get yours published on the groups, blogs and tweets.

I am actually trying to hire a couple of dedicated dashboard developers, so please take a look at the jobs page to see if you are what I am looking for.

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1. How to update report and automatically store updated by and updated time through writeback in OBIEE

Bojie says, “Today I am going to talk about writeback in OBIEE. As you know, writeback is a feature in OBIEE that allows users to update reports that they see in OBIEE without having to deal with the ETL process and reloading table.”

Read more here.

2. Installation check “diskspace” failed…..

John Booth says, “We’re working with a client on an upgrade where Essbase and Essbase Studio are on a Red Hat 5.6 Linux box.”

He then goes through a diskspace error and the solution!

3. Oracle EPM – What’s Coming – The Rumor Mill

Eric Helmer goes through the rumours for:

  • The Big Bullet Points for
  • HFM
  • Financial Reports
  • Disclosure Management
  • OFMA
  • Planning
  • HPCM
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Data Relationship Management
  • Essbase

4. Calculation Manager, BSO Planning, and ASO Planning combine for an awesome ASO Essbase procedural calculation hack — Part 1

Cameron Lackpour introduces the first part of a three part blog post on how to achieve awesomeness in ASO Planning and beyond.  In Part 1 he gives an introduction to the CDFs you most likely don’t know about.

To come are:

Part 2 – The genius of Joe Watkins

Part 3 – Tying it all together across three different Oracle EPM products with of course a glorious hack.

Keep reading!

5. How to unlock the locked table in Oracle

Kashinathan talks us through how to unlock it!

6. OBIEE Substitute a Filter Variable

Gerd says, “In ISO calendar the week turns on Mondays. When not reporting on real-time data and having a one day load frequency you will see no results each Monday. So it would be best to see previous week data on Mondays and of course having not change the filter criteria in the report.”

He then talks us through how to do this.

7. OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH AKA (?) is available

The patch is available for:

  • HP-UX Itanium
  • IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
  • Linux x86
  • Linux x86-64
  • MS Windows (32-bit)
  • MS Windows (64-bit)
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit)

8. Sorting Control on Grand Total in Pivot Table – OBIEE 11g

Praveen says, “Unfortunately, OBIEE doesn’t have a sort Control on the Grand Total and, creating a column with a total doesn’t get me what I have required. It has ends up being another metric in the pivot.”

For that we need add another metric name which Praveen shows us how to achieve.

9. OBIA Pre-requisites, System Configuration, Performance improvements (Server Side & Development Side), Query Performance Tuning, Maximum connections

This blog goes through the:

  • OBIA Pre-requisites
  • System Configuration
  • Performance improvements (Server Side)
  • BI APPS Performance Tuning (Development Side)
  • Query Performance Tuning
  • Maximum connections

10. OBIEE Port conflict

Anjum Ara blogs about Error message : INST-08010: Error in validing the port range for auto port allocation. At Least 2 ports should be free within the range 7500-7500 for the Adminserver and Adminserver SSL

He goes through the reason and the solution

11. Five Reasons to Attend Oracle OpenWorld (Part Two)

In part two of this post, Meghan Fritz gives the final two reasons to attend!! They are:

Reason #2: Get a vision of Oracle’s future. Hear all about Oracle’s roadmap straight from the source.

Reason #1: Fill in the blanks… fast. Expand your knowledge and get the answers you want and need. All in just five days. 

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