BI Conference Afternoon session

Hold that last thought. Apparently Excel is central to BI!

The roadmap for BI (including Hyperion) was actually very good at keeping me awake after lunch.

The 11g features of OBIEE are good, and should be out before May next year. There were hundreds of updates and improvements, which I will write about tomorrow when I have had time to digest them (and my dessert).

The conference was a sell out, with a huge number of end user companies, but what was interesting was the companies which were not there. No Big integrators – no IBM, o Accenture, no TCS, no EDS. and no Agencies. There were the usual small integrator, Eclectic, SolStone, Majendi, RittmanMead, etc. This just underlined my view that the little guys have all the knowledge, experience and capability and yet the big guys have the marketing clout.

For me it was a great success. I went with three objectives

  1. Find out where the Analytics Applications are going
  2. Find out what developments are being made in the OBIEE platform
  3. Get on the beta program for 11g

The answer is that Informatica is still fully part of the Applications, as is DAC (for now). Development is being concentrated on the new Analytics.

The OBIEE platform is getting better and better and the new flash graphs are a bit of fun.

I have the email of the guy for the beta program 🙂

I also learnt more about the Data Mining tool. Something I will learn more about I think.

I will be off on Holiday for three weeks. Sailing around the Caribbean.

See you when I get back.