Big Phils Tip – Page Moving

Imagine the scenario. You have a dashboard with 35 pages on and you have to add a new page, at the TOP!

Normally you add your page, and it goes to the bottom of the list, so you would click 35 times on the up arrow.

On this button the HTML is exposed so you can edit what it is doing (Other pages use Javascript to move items).
The format is:
http://majendiserver/analytics/saw.dll?PortalModify&Action=SetPosition&ItemPath=/users/ADMINISTRATOR/_Portal/My Dashboard&Position=35&Done=PortalProperties%26PortalPath%3D/users/ADMINISTRATOR/_Portal%26Done%3DEditDashboard%2526PortalPath%253D/users/ADMINISTRATOR/_Portal%2526Done%253DDashboard%2526Page%253DIntro

Which has the vital &Position=35 command. Just change this to the number in th elist you want.

Thanks Phil. Got any more?

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  1. Of course Adrian, I’ve got loads. How about this one:

    When you do a combined request you can’t change the column headings in the Edit Column Formula window as any changes you make there aren’t saved. However, you can change the column name in the Column Properties Column Format window just fine.

    (I have better tips than this but I’m just warming up).

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