This summer was awesome.

We had 29er Sailing at the UK, European and World Championships.  We watch Sir Ben Ainslie BAR racing win in Portsmouth.  We went on a Type 23 Frigate.  We had holidays in Miami, Portugal, Slovenia and Venice.

On the Sailing front, My son Hugh is Now Adult National Champion to go with his Current University Title.  My Daughter Harriet is Ladies UK National Champion, was Bronze Medalist at the World Championships, and Won the selection event to represent GBR at the Youth World Championships this xmas in Malaysia.

We also had our 70,000th user.  When will we go through 100k?

World Champions Podium


A mention in the local newspaper!

Blogs of the week

1. What is a data scientist?

Jeremiah Johnson says, “Data scientists are master communicators.  They speak fluently with people in operations areas and those in information technology departments.”

He goes through:

  • The Core Skills
  • What they bring to the table
  • What they do

He shares this video:

2. Planning – updating the cache after repository changes

John Goodwin starts by saying, “This is one of those blogs that I meant to write up but never got around to doing so, recently I read an excellent article from the DEV EPM guys on using ODI to manage planning security which ignited my drive to write up this blog, don’t worry this post does not involve ODI in case you got worried and started to switch off!”

3. How to add new fact tables in Oracle BI Apps

Tin Dang of Just Analytics goes through the stages:

1. Create custom fact datastores

2. Create custom SDE and SIL tasks

3. Add foreign key constraint to all dimensions associated with custom fact


Pete Bunning writes ‘Just a quick one this month about OWB and installing it with Oracle 12c.’!

5. 12c Temporal Validity Support in SQL Developer Data Modeler

Jeff Smith asks Today’s question “Can I design a table that takes advantage of the new Temporal Validity feature in Oracle Database 12c?” – to which he answers ‘yes’.

6. Better SQL via query block names

Connor MacDonald asks, “Can you make your SQL code easier to understand without adding comments. Can it be self-documenting ? Can you do your bit to make sure your code is easily comprehended by the next person who has to maintain your code ?”

7. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 5 ( – Agent Installation using agentDeploy option using PULL method

Y.V RaviKumar goes through:

Step-1: Login to OMS Server

Step-2: Specify username and password

Step-3: execute the command ‘sync’

Step-4: check supported platforms

Step-5: Execute ‘get_agentimage’ using EMCLI

Step-6: Move the agent software to database server machine through ‘scp’ command

Step-7: Goto agent directory (i.e database server)

Step-8: unzip the agent software

Step-9: Edit the file agent.rsp and do the changes required for your environment

step-10: Execute ‘./’ using the required arguments

Step-11: Login as root user and execute the following

Step-12: Check Agent installed directories

Step-13: Check agent status

8. APEX 5.0 Change page in Search bar

Scott Wesley says, “One of my favourite features in APEX 4.x was the search bar, often not actually for searching but for opening another page by typing the page number, particularly coming from shared components .For a while I thought I’d lost that feature, since I was expecting to be able to type into where the page number is reported (when in shared components), but you just need to type the page number where the magnifying glass is.”

9. Must-See Session Guide for Data Warehousing at #oow15

Keith Laker shares links to ‘Must-See Session Guide’ for Data Warehousing at #oow15

10. CBO catchup

Jonathan Lewis writes, “It’s interesting to watch the CBO evolving and see how an enhancement in one piece of code doesn’t necessarily echo through to all the other places it seems to fit. Here’s an example of an enhancement that spoiled a little demonstration I had been running for about the last 15  years  – but doesn’t always work in exactly the way you might expect.”

Read the whole blog for more.

This week on Twitter

ODTUG shared #ODTUG at #OOW15 Sunday Schedule is up! posted Oracle Standard Cluster: New Location / Name For Alert Log

Christian Screen tweeted 2 ways to expand business intelligence to the outside world

This week on LinkedIn

Ian Bristow shared Oracle OpenWorld 2015 – Registrations Open

Gerd Aiglstorfer posted New OBIEE Mobile App for iOS

Stories from and

Videos such as What’s New in OBIEE for Oracle BI Repository Builders

and #Kscope15 #IOT – The Internet of Things with Jeremy Ashley and Noel Portugal, Oracle Corporation