Connecting People

Is there a clear winner in the war for Networking platforms?

I started using LinkedIn a while back and have developed a great network of business contacts, but then I realised that wasn’t the first one I had signe dup to. Friends Reunited was the leader originally and everyone flocked onto the system – until they started charging for it – I was quickly out of there but not before they had made their millions. I wonder if they would have made more money by not charging but by going down the free model with extra paid services?

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Next came Xing (was previously OpenBC). This is exactly the same as Linked in but based in Europe (Linked In is avery American).


But now I see that IT Toolbox is getting in on the act. Do I really have to maintain a profile and network there too?

Then I get an email from someone who has a neat business card attached, from Plaxo. Looks like I should have that too.

Of course there’s messaging too, obviously I went for MSN – everyone did, now Yahoo looks pretty good and half my contacts on on that, but along comes Skype and it’s another list to maintain.

In the end I think I’ll be spending all day working on my online presence and not actually talking to people. Why can’t I just get one system that talks to every other system (hey isn’t that what customers were asking for 20 years ago out of IT).

Come on Microsoft, help me out here – use your dominacne to buy all these companies and shut them down – I only want one system.