Data Visualisation Desktop and Data Visual Analyzer

This week we have a look at some DV blogs

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By far the best way to learn DV is to watch the Data Viz Daily series from Kevin McGinley. Available on You Tube

1. Adel Naser compares the Two products.

Oracle Data Visualisation Desktop Vs. OBIEE 12C Visual Analyzer

Adel Naser provides a comparison between Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD), and Oracle Visual Analyzer (VA). He names some of the great qualities of DVD as:

  • Stunning rich interactive visuals, 22 visuals including geo mapping capability.
  • Easy to get started with the tool. Upload an excel file with the data to be analyzed and visualized, then start dragging and dropping columns to create your visuals.
  • Take snapshots of visualizations insights that are important to the business.
  • Integration between different data sources into one visual.
  • DVD is free for customers who have visual cloud solutions or an on premise version such as VA.


2. Heres a video!

3. The 10 Best Data Visualization Articles of 2016 (and Why They Were Awesome)

Evan Sinar says:

“2016 was an astounding year for insightful, informative data visualization articles — here were the top 10 I saw all year (in no particular order), in each case including a representative quote from the piece and a brief note of why it was at the top of my must-read list.” Read the full blog here.

4. Oracle DV – New filtering options in Oracle DVD 12.2.2

OracleBITECH Demo  posts the following video in their blog:

5.  Data Viz Daily playlist

6. Childhood Cancer Research Gets Investment Boost From Oracle

This press release tells how two big data PhD research projects received an investment boost from Oracle. The research projects will be conducted by Western Sydney University’s School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.  The studies will look at new ways of using visual analytics across two fields: using visualisation to help better interpret data in the cancer treatment of children; and how the use of virtual and augmented reality can make large scale visual analytics more accessible. Read the full press release for more details.

7. Is Data Visualization A Separate Market Or Just A Feature Of BI Platforms?

Boris Evelson says:

“If what you are looking for includes requirements for data visualization administration, security, data management, version control, collaboration, etc, you really need a BI platform with data visualization capabilities.”


Michael Sandberg shows an example of data visualization as a map from Adam Green.

9. A 6 monthly review of the best of data visualisation

These are named as:

  • The Aftermath of the US Election
  • The Impact of Dear Data
  • Data Sketches
  • Evolution in Action
  • Ship Map
  • Profiling the Parks
  • Jonni Walker
  • Joy Division Charts
  • Map Containers
  • The NYT’s Composite ‘PhotoVizzes’

10. Data Visualization Blogs You Might Not Know About

Nathan Yau shares some of the visualization (and mapping) blogs that he enjoys.