Database Data Modelling meets the new world

A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.

This weeks round up of blogs and posts show just what a diverse world of Oracle Business Intelligence we live in. We have to mix the known and trusted world – Databases, data modelling, ETL (with ODI), with the new fangled technologies and terminologies, like Hadoop, Data Science, Data Analytics.

Now we see these things merging together, blending old and new. Modelling in the cloud on cloud based databases to create analytics on big data.

Learn, learn, learn…

Blogs of the week

1.Demonstrating Oracle SQL Developer Web: the Data Modeler

Jeff Smith shares the following video:


2.Data Science With Python Demo

RRITEC share the following:

3.AWR Snapshots and Reports – PDB level in Oracle 12c R2 (

Y.V RaviKumar shares about AWR Snapshots and Reports. Read the full blog for more information

4. GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS): How to run SSH Socks Proxy Server for Oracle GoldenGate (OGG)

Mike Papio discusses how to configure and run Secure Shell (SSH) Socks Proxy server needed for Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) replication between On-Premises and GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS) in the Oracle Public Cloud (OPC).

He also links to some additional resources, here, here and here

5. Transposing data using UNPIVOT

Scott Wesley says, “A couple of years ago I posted a method to remove nulls from a report using the Value Attribute Paris – Column template.”

He then gives a new and improved solution to the problem

6. Loading tables with Oracle GoldenGate and REST APIs

Bobby Curtis writes, “With Oracle GoldenGate 12c (, you can now quickly load empty target tables with data from your source database. You could always do this in previous releases of Oracle GoldenGate, but the process has now been simplified using REST APIs and some scripting know-how. In this post, I’m going to show you, high level, how you can use the REST APIs and a bit of scripting to do an initial load of a two table with a single command.”

7. Skip Scan 3

Jonathan Lewis says, “If you’ve come across any references to the “index skip scan” operation for execution plans you’ve probably got some idea that this can appear when the number of distinct values for the first column (or columns – since you can skip multiple columns) is small.”

He then asks what we make of the demonstration that he goes on to post.

8. HDFS: Useful Hadoop Admin Commands

Kashinathan K gives us a handy reference to all commonly used hadoop fs commands that can be used to manage files on a Hadoop cluster.

9. So Far, VR-Enabled Data Visualization is Nonsense

Stephen Few begins by saying:

“Few data technologies are subject to more hype these days than VR-enabled data visualization. I have never seen a single example that adds value and therefore makes sense. Those who promote it don’t base their claims on actual evidence that it works. Instead, they tend to spout a lot of misinformation about visual perception and cognition. Those who have actually taken the time to study visual perception and cognition could take each of these claims apart with ease. VR has the cool factor going for it and vendors are capitalizing on this fact.”

10. An Interesting problem with ODI: Unable to retrieve user GUID

Gokhan Atil posts about an interesting problem he has discovered with ODI. He writes, “One of my customers had a problem about logging in to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Studio. Their ODI implementation is configured to use external authentication (Microsoft Active Directory). The configuration was done years ago. No one modified it since it’s done, in fact most people even do not remember how it’s configured. Everything was fine until they started to get “ODI-10192: Unable to retrieve user GUID” error.”

Read on for more and the solution!!

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