Delete that Index

All indexes are good, right? Wrong.

An index can make a join fly. but it can also slow you down. As I’ve said many times before, most of the time I delete or hide indexes, especially on an Exadata box and add carefully.

However, whilst query performance is helped by an index, and updates too that use a join, the populating of a table is slowed by the use of an index.

For our usage tracing project we are not going to use the BI_PLATFORM table for our use in OBIEE. Therefore we do not need the indexes, so the we are going to drop the primary key on S_NQ_ACCT. To do this first we drop the foreign keys on S_NQ_DB_ACCT and the Summary Advisor.




Now we can drop the primary key.


I am also dropping the NULL constraints, on all the tables.

Now, on with the news…

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