Probably already covered elsewhere, but I had this lying around from my book notes (Many Thanks to ed Higgins)

These are the executables you can find in the bin directory.

Nb. Siebel support recommends the following executables are not used without prior knowledge or consulting technical support first.


Previously known as Analytics Scheduler, nothing much has changed, the Job Manager is used to schedule iBots for Oracle delivers and provides an interface to check progress of batches and records details of failures, it can also be used to schedule scripted jobs including triggering workflows in integrated applications, writing data to the database and triggering statistics updates in the database.

Prior to using the Job Manager, the user needs to run SAJOBS.oracle.sql from C:OracleBIserverSchema, this creates the tables for the scheduler, alternative versions are provided for most major databases.
Next one must create an entry in TNSNAMES.ora for the Data Source Name, launch the Job Manager from the Programs menu or Administration and add the connection details in Scheduler Configuration, for non-Oracle databases use windows ODBC and create a DSN.


This command line tool executes SQL script on the database and can be used for Cache Seeding operations, it is not recommended that it be used directly as these jobs can be run through Job Manager, it is also recommended by Oracle that remote access tools such as TELNET or remote desktop are disabled on the server running presentation services as direct access to nQcmd.exe constitutes a security risk.


nQLogViewer.exe is a utility and part of the analytics installation and resides in the ‘Analytics install dir’/Bin directory. It’s essentially a parsing tool that allows you to extract info from the NQQuery.log.

The particulars of the utility are:————
Command: nQLogViewer -u -f -o -s -r

= Analytics user
= NQQuery.log to examine
= File to send results to
= ID of user logon session (unique per user logon/logoff session)
= ID of specific request from an Analytics Web Client sessionNQQuery.log

excerpt:+++administrator: 100: 101: —-2002/05/31 10:53:03 timestampExample to see only those entries under session ID 100:nQLogViewer -f c:nquireLogNQQuery.log -o c:nquireLogNQQuery_session100.log -s 100


No longer used in Oracle BI


This utility allows the changing of analytics user passwords from the command line.


This is the Analytics Server process and must be running for analytics to function, it appears as a service in Windows (Siebel Analytics Server or Oracle BI Server), and is controlled by the Server Manager process in a UNIX environment.


The executable can be called in a Unix script and stops the Analytics/BI server.

I’m not convinced these are still valid in the OBIEE world but are for Analytics 7.x