Filegroup1 Error on 11g

One issue that is still present in the version of OBIEE 11g is the corruption of the download files.
This happens to me one more than half the downloads of the enormous software bundle that is now OBIEE.
It seems that I am not alone, and a quick lap of the interweb reveals many different pieces of advice, but one OTN posting struck a chord with me –

This from CengizU:

I’ve download 5 times with 3 different browsers and from 2 different PC ‘s and 3 different internet providers. Tried to extract with winrar, winzip and 7zip. But all I have is CRC error. Do I have to try one more to get the magical number of 6 or is there any place where I can download this file. Or may be Oracle should check the file whether it was really corrupted.

My guess is that there are a bunch different things going on from downing packets error to use of the wrong Zip software.

The most common solution seems to be to keep trying, one chap suggest 6 downloads should get you one working one, and this is usually the case for me too.
I have yet to figure out which Zip software Oracle are using but when I find out I’ll let you know.

The other solution that seems to work, although not always, is to use eDelivery (I have just checked and 1.1.5 version is NOT there yet!)

In the meantime, if you have a way of guarenteeing a succesful download please do tell!


Update:  I just had a clean run of downloads!!  I used a windows machine running w2k8 and IE.  Downloaded each file one at a time.  Opened each download using 7-Zip 9.2 and extracted to short named folder.   I will now try to install all into a clean VM.