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I recently started using a password manager, due to the fact that its impossible to remember all the different ones, and it would be plain stupid to have one for all sites and systems.

The only problem is I have forgotten the master password to get into the password management system!

Trouble is, the password manager is soo secure there is no way of retrieving the master password.

This reminds me of a company I was at that installed a state of the art Wifi system, but then banned Phones from the office.

Not really great dits, but useful to point out that some technology is great, but utterly useless if implemented badly.

Reminds me of another tech – OBIEE. Please implement responsibly.

On the work front we have been using Chrome instead of IE and found it to be much quicker. There are a few bugs, you cant edit a table from the views list for example, but generally its a better experience. The styles look different using chrome, so we need to edit the style sheets, and some JavaScript customisations don’t work, so i wont be suggesting that our 200,000 users swap over just yet!

Blogs of the week

1. OBIEE – Migrate ATR Report File

John Lamont Watson discusses:

  • So, what is an ATR File?
  • Dissecting the ATR File
  • Is the ATR file the same for a user object?
  • And what can we do with this information?
  •  The solution

2. OBIEE Web Catalog Corruption in OBIEE 11G

Joe Ferna goes through:

Issue 1: User Lockout Issues

Issue 2: BI Publisher not accessible.

He says that the solution to the above issues is to validate the catalog.

3.  Using or runcat.cmd

Srini and Venkat go through how to use or runcat.cmd and goes through the areas CatalogManager understands commands.

4. 17.2.5 Validating the Catalog

This Oracle Document covers:

  • Section, “Process: Validating the Catalog”
  • Section, “Tasks in the Validation Process”
  • Section, “Important Guidelines for Validating the Catalog”
  • Section, “Performing a Basic Validation of the Catalog”
  • Section, “Specifying the Elements for Validating the Catalog”

5. Oracle BICS DITL Part 01

Kevin McGinley gives us a Day in the Life of BI Cloud Service. He says, “What that means is that you get to watch me figure this stuff out as I write, rather than write this perfect, everything-is-easy article that basically tells you nothing meaningful. That means you’ll see me get errors, make mistakes, make poor decisions, and even do things in a sub-optimal fashion. The goal, of course, will be to work past them and gain a better understanding of what to do next time.”

6. Oracle BICS DITL Part 02

Kevin continues with Part 2 of this series, which is entitled ‘Incremental Load’.

7. Attaching A Visual Face To Hadoop With Oracle Big Data Discovery

Mangesh Dange of KPI Partners blogs and shares this video:

8. APEX 5.0: pimping the Login page

Dimitri Gielis blogged about changing the Login page to enhance the user experience.

9. OTN Yathra Tour 2015 – Highlights

Gurcan Orhan shares his experiences of food, cars, Tata and of course, the event itself.

See also the following posts:

OTN Yathra Tour 2015 – Mumbai
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10. OBIEE – Selecting columns dynamically – part3, better looking prompts

Boris Dahav continues this series of blog posts by writing, “In the previous post I demonstrated how to use Prompts with column names to select column dynamically. In this post I will do the same but with User Friendly values in Prompt.”

11.  Introduction to the Oracle Stream Explorer White Paper

Referring to this white paper, Ricardo Ferreira says, “In order to help first time users to work with Oracle Stream Explorer, I wrote this white paper that provides the basic information necessary to start building applications using Oracle Stream Explorer, also showing step-by-step how to develop a sample application based on the famous “Mall Scene” from the Minority Report film.” Take a look!

12. 3 way switch in OBIEE 11g

Vishal Pathak writes about a process to use conditions on sections to implement a 3 way decision rather than just a boolean (true/false) decision.

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