Airport lounge again.

Why do people think that business travel is glamorous?

ANYway, I’m bored enough to finally figure out how people are hiding their contacts in LinkedIn. There is a setting you can change in the profile, but I’ll let you find out how.

The big question is why you would hide your contacts.

The whole point of LinkedIn is to NETWORK, make contact with people in your business area and share information, ideas, recruit, learn.

I suspect it the recruit thing that puts people off. I do know that recruitment agencies will use the system to their advantage, but surely it is to your advantage too – you get to find out about roles.

Anyway, feel free to browse through my contacts, and if you see someone you may need – a fellow OBIEE consultant maybe – then get in touch with them.


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  1. I really enjoyed your post!
    About your “Why do people think that business travel is glamorous?” question. Well, people tend to think that business travel is business + travel (as in vacation travel) so people who don’t travel on business tend to think that you’re on a vacation of about of 2 weeks and have to go to meetings every other day for 2 hours. Which is usually not the case, at least no on my business trips.
    My business trips consist of normal work days plus meeting except the fact that i am in a hotel and in a different country or state.
    Sometimes that’s even more stressful than a work day. You have to finish everything and your time is limited in that country or state!


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