It’s Movember

Sorry but I can’t stay quiet any longer. I’ve had enough.

Why are people wasting my time. If you don’t know OBIEE – DO NOT pretend you do know it.

The next person who turns up to an interview had better match his/her CV.

Am I asking too much?
– All I want is an expereinced rpd developer, with good Dimensional Modelling

And if it says you do rpd development on your CV, you better be able to back that up.

You have been warned.

Things have bee quiet on the blog because we’re working long hours on some pretty big client projects. Well this weekend we went into production. Yippee.
Now, what do we do? There’s loads more dashboards to build, reports to write, iBots to create etc.
Where shall we do that?
Given that there will be thousands of people accessing the system, across the world, where do we develop next? Production or Development. If Production, what safeguards are in place? If Development, how do we publish? Some clients use svn as a publishing tool, but Oracle only support Webcat Admin tool operations when working with two webcats.
We have gone for Production. It is actually the safest, easiest and quickest to customer.

It goes without saying that there are certain folders that are secure for only central obiee team to alter, which would be true of any method. We just add two other types of folder/sub-folder. Team based and Work in Progress.
The only issue is the development of reports on subject areas that have not yet been built. Probably go for creating in a deve environment, copy in the xml to a new report in Production.
Your comments are appreciated!

It’s Movember, and I’m on the case – You can sponsor me. If I don’t get enough sponsors I will shave it off. This is one for the men, so come on ladies give us your support too.


  1. I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, it’s a reality these days.

    As far as your choice for Production – I think it’s a good idea. It’ll help you to minimize headache associated with importing/exporting webcat objects and keeping everything in sync.

    I wanted to suggest looking in CAF. I was inspired with this post (through rnm’s blog).

    Best wishes.

  2. Having the same experience and not entirely sure why this is happening. Our ad (similar to yours) is for an experienced OBIEE metadata developer. We get applicants that have never seen an RPD file in their lives. Go figure!

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