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Blogs of the week

1. OBIEE released – link library

Christian Berg posted links to the new release downloads and also to the New Features Guides.

2. BITeamwork 3.5 Releases to Great Excitement – OBIEE Financial Reporting Begins Here

Christian Screen writes, “We’ve never had such interest and anticipation from our customers and potential customers as with the BITeamwork 3.5 release which is now GA. More fine tuning has taken place within this release along with several new features.”

He then goes on to detail the new features.

3. Self Appraisal – It’s Not Very British

Debra Lilley blogs about ACE nominations.

4. BICS Visual Analyzer – First look

Paul Cannon says, “Visual Analyzer is the new member of the BI reporting family from Oracle, available in the Oracle BI Cloud Service. It allows a user to dynamically analyse data on-screen, using a simple drag & drop interface to quickly choose data to explore with a wide range of visualisations from simple bar & line graphs, thru trellis & radar charts to tree maps, tag clouds and tiles.”

He then explores the features in further detail.

5. New OlapUnderground Utility – The Essbase Outline Viewer

Tim Tow asks, “Have you ever wanted your users to see an Essbase database outline structure, but had trouble giving them access to Essbase Administrative Services (“EAS”) for fear that they may have access to change things they shouldn’t change?”

He says that he has the solution to your problems!

6. OBIEE is released – Improved UI and features

Shiva Molabanti highlights some of the features of this new version.

7. Getting Started with Oracle Database Cloud Service – Virtual Image – Creating a database

Roland Koenn gives an example which will show you how to create a database after the Virtual instance has been provisioned as described in this document.

8. Extracting Oracle data & Generating JSON data file using ROracle

Brendan Tierney says, “In this post I want to show you how to extract data from an Oracle table (or view) and to output it to a file in JSON format.”

The steps he details are:

1. Connect to the Database

2. Read the data from the table/view

3. Convert into JSON format

4. Create the JSON file

9. LoggerUtil: Create a Custom Template

Alex Nuijten blogs about creating a custom template in Logger.

10. ADF and Two-Way WebSocket Communication Architecture

Andrejus Baranovskis says, “It is best to explain how WebSocket works, with a live demo.” and links to the following video:

11. EPM documentation – The little things mean a lot

Cameron Lackpour writes, “If you’ve ever needed to send a link to a particular subject within the Essbase Technical Reference, you may have had a frustrating experience.  Why? – Copying and pasting of said links don’t work!” He then shows us a way around this.

12. Upgrade Oracle APEX ( to In Oracle 11g Express Edition

Ajith Pathiyil blogs about the following scenario: – Today, I had to install a packaged application provided by Oracle into my express edition. By default the APEX version in express edition is, When I was trying to import the packaged application into my 11g XE database, It was failing with an INCOMPATIBLE error.

This post shows step by step method to upgrade our APEX from version to

This week on Twitter

ODTUG asks, “Have you checked out the Technical Journal yet?”

Kent Graziano tells us that the OTN EMEA Tour is about to start!

UKOUG extend their UKOUG JD Edwards Conference & Exhibition 2015 deadline for papers to 26th May

OBIEE Expert tweets Oracle BI Mobile Apps – iOS and Android

This week on LinkedIn

Begoña Villamor asks, Why has my BI become slow?

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared OBIEE important release notes information added

Ian Bristow posted Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition


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