Love Hate Essbase in OBIEE

Just you just love the speed of reporting on Essbase Cubes. Building the cubes is super fast. Having a simple report with one Measure is a pleasure to to build and run.

Now try doing anything that OBIEE is good at.
How about having a flat hierarchy? No Ok, what about Bins? No?
surely we can put a filter in place? Ah, Of course you can – providing the filter value exists, otherwise your report throws up an error.
Error, no data is an error!!

Ok lets have some nice looking data.
what do you mean every ‘member’ has to unique? And what a member when it’s at home?
I want the value shown to be ‘London‘ not ‘London (location)

I hate errors. I hate rubbish looking data. I hate ragged hierarchies. Give me back my Materialised views.

Christian, Venkat, Tony, Oracle – let’s have some decent blogs on this for beginners like me.

BTW We are being good boys and using ASO as recommneded by Edward at the BI Forum 😉

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  1. Hi Adrian,

    quit whining and tackle the issues one by one 😉

    1.) “London (location)”…how about adding an alias to the Essbase member? OBIEE picks up the alias if it is present, otherwise the member name.

    2.) Unique member names. You can (potentially) have non-unique member names, but you need to modify the repository to use fully qualified names.

    3.) What’s you problem with the flat hierarchy?

    4.) Yes, forget Bins.

    And regarding beginners blogs: We can’t even follow up fast enough with expert-level stuff, so better shoot your questions out as they come along. We can’t assume anything in terms of know-how and work done so far in our posts.

    I’m preparing some posts, but more pressing issues on hand.


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