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I have been to two Oracle partner events recently, where I am mainly trying to ge tot he bottom of what their ETL tool strategy is.

The issue is on of platform AND application choice.

The fight is between Informatica, OWB and Data Integrator.

Informatica has a huge head start in the Siebel OLTP to warehouse ETL. The process is built and up-and-runnning in many companies.

However, Oracle just bought Sunopsis (and their Data Integrator tool). They also have OWB.

At one event the salesman assured me that Informatica was still the number one choice for CRM ETL, and there are no plans to replace it – it would just cost them too much money to rewrite everything.

At another event I saw this :

Oracle Only
•OBI – Standard Edition
•Oracle Warehouse Builder
•Oracle Fusion Intelligence (Requires OBI-EE)
•. . . . . . . . . . .
•OBI – Enterprise Edition
•Oracle Data Integrator
•Oracle BI Applications
•. . . . . . .

No mention of Informatica!

I’m off to build a new databae and ETL using Data Integrator…


  1. HI Adrian,

    This comment would not correspond to this blog only but is more or less a question.

    I understand that after aquisition of Siebel, Oracle has started entering into world of CRM, though initialy it had its own range of CRM products, but very lately Oracle has announced that it would continue to sell its legacy CRM system but Siebel would be the centreplace for future.

    However I could see a lot being going on in area of Siebel Analytics and Oracle BI. Can you somehow try to explain the difference between these two, with some of their capabilities and differences.
    I would be very thankful for the same.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. A quick reply (as you could write a chapter on the subject – which I just have for the upcoming new book)!.

    Oracle BI emcompasses many of the Oracle reporting Products. There are dashboards, warehouse features, xml publishers, ETL tools, and warehouses. This includes Siebel Analytics. This will eventually include the Hyperion products. It comes in several versions (OBI SE, OBI EE, standa alone products).

    Siebel Analytics also has several components (Dashboards, ETL Tools, Warehouse, Client tools, etc). OBI EE is essentially Analytics with the BI publisher added. The Analytics tool is still being developed and supported, mainly to work along with the Siebel CRM application.

    I expect to see other developments using Analytics, such as reporting on financial systems.

    We are currently developing a common data warehouse to report from financial systems, such as JDE, SAP, and even Sage.

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