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Blogs of the week

1. How to run Oracle 12c on a Kubernetes Cluster with persistent storage

Ron Ekins begins with:

“Back in April 2017 I blogged on how to use the then official Oracle 12.1 Docker image to run an Oracle 12c database on Docker, if you want to revisit that post you can find it here. However, more recently I shared how you could use Minikube with the latest official Oracle 12.2 Docker image to run an Oracle database within a container on your laptop.”

2. Managing Database Users with SQL Developer Web

Jeff Smith writes, “Someone reminded me that I had yet to show you folks a brand new feature in SQL Developer Web – User Management! SQL Developer Web was made available for on-premises installations this past December, with ORDS 19.4.”

3. Manage Wallets for Multiple Oracle Autonomous Databases

Sean writes, “A database is no good if you can’t connect and Oracle’s Autonomous Database is no exception. But it’s also important to secure database connections and ATP/ADW databases are protected by wallets. Autonomous Database wallets are available in the OCI interface under each database’s detail page via the DB Connection button.”

4. tfactl summary as HTML (really tricky)

Stefan starts by writing, “I read an interesting article from Michael Schulze, Optiz Consulting in the actual “Red Stack Magazin / April 2020”, about Tools for the daily Exadata maintenance but it is not so easy as described. Since some time ago AHF (Autonomous Health Framework) is the tool for checks of any kind on the Exadata. I have installed and used here Version 19.3 which is an old one. I will update in a few weeks the whole environment to Version 20.1. So I try to create the “summary HTML” Report but it will not work as described in Michael’s article. Why?

5. Relocating an Oracle 18XE Database on a Kubernetes cluster

Ron Ekins begins with, “If you follow my Blog or read my last post on delivering Oracle 18c Express Edition Database (XE) in Kubernetes you may already have Oracle 18XE database up and running on Kubernetes cluster using persistent storage. If not, you may want to read this.

In this Blog I am going to show how we can relocate our Oracle 18XE database to a different node of a Kubernetes cluster simply using Kubernetes command line tool kubectl.

6. How to Register or Catalog Backups, Archive logs, data file copy, FRA…etc

Satishbabu Gunukula shared “When you backup using RMAN all backups  will be registered with catalog. If you have taken backup without catalog, you can also register manually.”

7. ORDS 101 Video and Slides

Jeff Smith shares the following:

8. How to use Oracle Database Docker images with Kubernetes

Ron Ekins says, “In this Blog I am going to show how we can use the Oracle provided Docker build scripts, and Oracle database zip files to create database image files for use with Kubernetes.”

9. ORDS: The database user for the connection pool named |apex|rt|, is not authorized to proxy to the schema

Dimitri Gielis says, “When configuring some Oracle REST web services through Oracle APEX, I got confused, so I thought to quickly write down, so I don’t forget for the future. Although I use many ORDS web services in several schemas, for a new schema I got following error: “The database user for the connection pool named |apex|rt|, is not authorized to proxy to the schema named .”

10. Oracle EUS authentication with LSA activated on AD

This blog begins by saying, “Are too many abbreviations in a posts title possible? If you think so, you might see this post a good example. The setting I’m talking about is an Oracle Universal Directory (OUD) which works as a proxy between Oracle databases and Active Directory (AD) where the users are managed. Unfortunately it stopped working. Even when a user changed the password in AD, it could not log in with this password to the database, but always got:

 ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied  

This can have many reasons…”

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