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OBIEE News is out! Edition of 21st October.

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1.  Steps to Apply OBIEE 11G Patch

In this blog, Sandeep Venu goes through three simple steps to apply the OBIEE patch:

1. OPEN Command prompt as administrator and set the given variables

2. Unzip the patch folder and keep in the local dirive

3. Navigate to patch folder

Read the blog for the full instructions.

2.  Action links in OBIEE

Kashif explains how Action Links comprises of two methods – dashboards and columns in analysis methods.

He goes through the Dashboard Action Link and the Analysis Action Link then studies in detail the types of Action

  • Navigate
  • Invoke

He then goes through the Steps to Implement Action Links on Dashboard. Read the whole blog here.

3.  How to use RESTful to avoid DB Links with ā’pěks

In this blog, Kris goes through the following steps:

1. Make the RESTful service

2. Install PL/JSON

3. Glue Code

4.Make a page in Application Express

5. It’s alive!!

4.  Are you up to speed on Oracle Application Express 4.2?

In this Oracle Technology Network’s Blog, Laura Ramsay states What’s to know, An Interesting piece of trivia, A Cool Feature of APEX 4.2 and What’s New.  Read it here.

5. SQL Developer Quick Tip: Reordering Columns

Jeff Smith asks – “Do you find yourself always scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to get to the column you want to see when looking at a table or view’s data?”

He tells us not to do that and shows us how!

6.  How to create application roles automatically

Here, Matthias Kietze discusses how to create application roles automatically. He states, “Sometimes it is necessary to create application roles in Enterprise Manager via script. This is not very difficult.” Then he talks us through how to do this.

7. Effective Regression Testing for OBIEE Applications

Mike Jelen says, “If a butterfly flaps its wings in Costa Rica tonight, will the CFO’s Executive Financial Summary dashboard still work?”

He gives three approaches to Regression Testing:

1. Identify commonly executed queries with Usage Tracking (or just identify a specific request’s logical query), then execute the corresponding logical sql using nqcmd.exe.

2. Implement Oracle’s Application Testing Suite

3. Set up a series of webcat (HTTP) requests that can be executed on a scheduled basis by an automated web testing utility.

8. Insert an Image in the Narrative View

Sandeep Venu talks us through the two steps:

1. Place your images in the detailed paths

2. Create your analysis/report by adding the required columns to the criteria tab. Click on Results tab and create “Narrative View” and then paste the given code in the Narrative box.

See the blog post for further details.

9. More Praise for the Siebel Framework

In this blog, Alexander Hansal lays out the benefits of the Siebel framework in a bit more detail in terms of:

  • Technical Architecture
  • Logical Architecture
  • Extensibility
  • Features

10. How to access the DAC server using the command line

In this article, ClearPeaks look at how to set up the command line access to the DAC server and how to use the commands available. Finally, they explore how to create a script that automatically restarts an ETL execution if it has failed.

11. BIApps and BIApps on same machine ?

In this post, Saichand Varanasi asks “Do I need to uninstall existing to run my bi instance smoothly?”

12. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Samples

The Sample Application (SampleApp) for Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive collection of examples designed to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities and design best practices.

Also, includes a link to YouTube BI Tech Demos and a video to show how to download all image files at once.

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Kris Poria posted Oracle Becomes Second Largest Software Company in the World

Uijal Das shared ERP Strategy Guide: Mitigating ERP Risks

Anand E posted Mastering Calculation Manager with Essbase and Planning

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Just Analytics tweeted a link to their latest blog post OBIEE 11g – User Folder Path Hashing

Oracle Analytics shared Should Mobile be the New Desktop? (Kevin McGinley’s Blog)

OracleBlogs posted a link to Fusion Middleware (FMW) Proactive patches including SOA Suite

cropped-dreamstime_s_30492048.jpgOracle Team USA News

America’s Cup winner Rome Kirby visits alma mater, Rocky Hill School


Music and the America’s Cup

In a unique approach to integrating sport and music, organizers of the 34th America’s Cup delivered a multi-faceted arts and entertainment program throughout the Summer of Racing.