New iPhone

I finally took delivery of my iPhone today. Although it 16Gb, which is more than enough for my music collection, I know it will be out of date by tomorrow. So can someone tell me what the iPhone replacement will be please!

Of course on it I will be able to run my OBIEE dashboards. Next week I’ll show you how to connect to the Majendi sample/development site with iPhone, PC or simple imagination!

On the subject of new features, whilst reading about the iPhone dashboard features, and the database development it reminded me to test out the integration of the Oracle DB fone with OBIEE.
Developed intially so that the Oracle development teams around the globe (particularly between US and India) could communicate cheaply, this little known Db feature is basically like Skype or MSN, but built into the Database. Larry insisted on the development when it became obvious that offshoring his operations had increased costs and damaged the communication process.
The system uses a Db to Db network and is usually done behind your company firewall. see the Oracle documentation for details on how to enable it (from version 10g).
As yet there are no in-built features in OBIEE you can use, so you have to rely on javascript (make sure HardenXSS is false) to embed/run a thin client.
You will need a microphone (there is no video as yet, but should be in 11g). In my net post I’ll show the screen shots and code on how to do this.

– @drian

April 1.


  1. Hi,

    I am trying to find the DB fone feature in Oracle Db but without success. Can you guid eme to the right document on this? Even Googling is unsuccessful.

    Balakrishnan R

  2. Man,

    Dont tell me “DB Fone” was your creation.

    You certainly got me since I was dreaming of using this in my project rather than going in for Oracle Collab suite

    Balakrishnan R

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