1. I am implementing Oracle Analytics ( Financial Analytics 7.9.3 on OBIEE 10.3.3)on Oracle EBS 11i.

    I am experiencing lots of missing information in support documentation which is related (SrcFiles *.csv). Support documents only talk about configuring Fiscal Calendar and group account code and group account number by changing following files:
    file_group_acct_names_ora11i.csv, and ‘fiscal_month.csv’

    Please keep in mind your BI application will not run correctly unless until you go in your SrcFile directory under ‘Server’ directory of Informatica and review all the source files which are related to your source (oltp) application and map all the values.

    I am from Siebel CRM and Analytics background facing lots of road blocks in this new release.

    Oracle Corp. didn’t do a good job here in releasing such a good product with not enough support documentation.


  2. I am about to start an implementation of the same thing. We are running EBS 11i. Did you, by chance, purchase the EBS adapter for OBIEE? I don’t have any Siebel Analytics experience, but have significant experience in Oracle Apps since version 10.7.

    If you need help with Oracle EBS table structure, feel free to ask.

    Christopher Soto

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