OBIEE Beats the Holiday Blues- Again!

The great thing about working on OBIEE projects is that when you come back from holiday (Got back last night from Croatia), you can get excited wbout going bck into the office. In fact, I cant wait til Monday – So I am going in tomorrow.

Heres what i found today….

Blogs of the week


  1. Check out the 2017 UKOUG Conference agendas

Daan Bakboord shows us the agenda for Tech17

2.  ORDS 17.3 Beta – Introducing REST enabled SQL

Kris Rice shows us where to download then writes about:

  • Versioning
  • REST Enabled SQL
  • The Fine Print
  • What’s coming next

3. Swagger Doc for ORDS RESTful Services

Jeff Smith shows us where to download then says, “There are 2 major new features, and this post is about one of those: Swagger/OpenAPI style JSON for /metadata_catalog/ calls.”

He posts this video:

4. Data Visualization with R ggplot2 – Part 2

Nandoo’s blog writes, “In my previous post Data Visualization with R ggpplot2 – Part 1, I detailed the pre-requisites for getting started with using ggplot2 with R. In this post, I will focus more on the usage of R package – ggplot2 and various visualizations that can be generated using this package.”

He finishes by saying that there are several other options available to plot various charts using R.  See the cheatsheet for all the  available options:   Data Visualization with R

5. Build ATG Commerce applications in Oracle Developer Cloud

Michael Shanley says: “This post will demonstrate how to setup and build an Oracle ATG Commerce application in Oracle Developer Cloud Service (devCS)”

Read on for more details.

6. High Five POUG: Polish Oracle User Group Conference?

Neil Chandler says, “I’ve just returned from presenting at the 2nd annual POUG Conference, this time in Krakow, Poland (the first was in Warsaw). This is the Polish Pint with Oracle User Group conference and is exactly what a conference should be. Educational, Informative, Well-executed and Fun.  It was based in a lovely city, with a wonderful friendly people, good food and great beer!”

Read the whole post for his full account, plus photos!

7. DYNAMIC_SAMPLING SQL Plan Directive in the cloud or not

Ric Van Dyke writes:  “With 12, Oracle introduced SQL Plan Directives, which in my view is really giving the optimizer a
chance to learn from its mistakes.   This is a step in the direction of a leaning optimizer.  In a way the optimizer is taking notes on how something ran and if not quite right, this note will help it not make the same mistake again.  It’s limited in 12.1 to just one type DYNAMIC_SAMPLINGand in 12.2 another one appears DYNAMIC_SAMPLING_RESULT.  Right now I’m going to focus on the first one.”

8. SystemTap and Oracle RDBMS: Page Faults

Bertrand Drouvot writes, “Now that I am able to aggregate SytemTap probes by Oracle database, let’s focus on page faults.”

His blog covers:

This blog links to the

10. ODTUG Leadership ProgramOBIEE is available

Boris Dahav links to the download page and talks about the new features and changes.

This week on Twitter

Red Stack Tech tweeted Welcome to OBIEE 12C: File Locations

Oracle BI Blogs shared OBIEE 12c Custom Style via EAR file

ODTUG posted the guidelines for Board of Directors nominations

Stories from and

Videos such as Tableau Analytics for OBIEE using BI Connector

and GoldenGate What is it; Who & What to Learn; How It Works