OBIEE SampleApp 406 by The Oracle A Team

Somewhere in Oracle HQ I imagine someone is saying ‘Don’t you love it when a plan comes together‘.

Years ago, members of the team were sent on a mission to get together all the tools needed for the Big (data) battle.

Someone made a database, ‘B.A.’ came back with a ‘Java‘, Hannibal sourced a Business Intelligence hack, and Peck (“The Face”) got hold of a Virtual Machine.

Into the garage they all went with their acquisitions, and worked through the night, until out they came with a ‘SampleApp 406

And SampleApp saved the day, so they broke out the cigars, and are now famous for being wanted by the Government (and loads of companies too!).

So now, if you’re in trouble and you need help, then call in the A-Team (or better still their Sample App).

How do you get it?

Run a search for ‘Sample App on OTN’.

The first result gives you the link to the Sample App.

You then have to sign in with your Oracle Account (you have one of those right?) and Accept the usage agreement.

The trick here is to download all the files into one place.  I have 150 MB download and it took about an hour to complete.

I use 7-zip, and when you ‘Extract’ the first file part 001, all of the other parts 002-006, are also extracted.

You will need loads of space for these extract and load steps.

You then just open Virtualbox, and load the ovf file, it will then spend an hour creating the virtual machine for you.

Instructions are available in the Quick Deployment documentation


Whats in the VirtualBox ?

OEL6.5 – Oracle Enterprise Linux, also know as Oracle

MAD – Mobile App Designer v2

Oracle Database 12c

OBIEE (version from May 2014)

One word of caution, I have tried this OBIEE version with IE 8 and it doesn’t work, so make sure you can demo/use on a recent IE, or Firefox etc

There’s also,

Times Ten database,

SQL developer,


Oracle Map Builder,

Apex 4.2,

StandAlone EPM,


See the PDF Whats New

There’s more information in the User Guide

Ravi has a SlideShare for you to read

You may want to install in a cloud machine.


Now you have a sample App installed you can use it to experiment, and learn how to configure OBIEE 11g, and use the front end.

One thing I will use it for is to run through the OBE (Oracle by Example) for OBIEE, so the OBIEE OBE!  Look out for up coming articles on this.

The first page tells you how to adjust the first page.  Lets try it.

So, we will find the file that they refer to, adjust it, and restart the Presentation server.

Before the change the login page looks like this

Lets edit the logonmessage.xml file

After restart we have a new message on the front page:

another test task is at

Great picture here from Boris Dahav

There are plenty of other resources on SampleApp, just search the web!

And watch a Video!