OBIEE Up a Mountain

This weeks blog is brought to you from up a mountain in Italy, at a cafe overlooking Lake Garda.
We come here for fantastic sailing competitions and pizza!

Nothing to do with OBIEE except I sometimes get to wear my OracleNerd OBIEE T-Shirt 🙂

Blogs of the week

1. Statement of Direction for Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA)

Daan Bakboord says that the message from Oracle to customers is clear – “Move away from OBIA 7.9.6.x and move to OBIA 11g, either in the Cloud or On Premise.”

2. Cloud Services Are Reaching Maturity – Thoughts from OOW 2014

Myles Gilsenan of KPI Partners shares his post OOW14 thoughts.

3. Are Cloud Applications Ready?

Debra asks, is Oracle Cloud ready for these Applications?

4. #2MTT by @OTNArchBeat

Gurcan Orhan shares a “2 Minute Tech Tip” video.  He says, don’t forget that it was 8am in the morning and birds were still sleeping.

5. OBIEE Patch now available

3 Sixty Analytics blogs about the new patch. There are no new features in this patch – it’s just a bug fix patch. The full list of bugs fixed are detailed in the readme for this patch set.

6. Say “Big Data” One More Time (I dare you!)

Kent Graziano shares the following picture:

big data

7. OBIEE with Key / Name / Value table, the Union solution

Boris Dahav blogs, “A customer asked me to create an analysis on top of a Name – Value table. A table where instead of having one row for each key, there are multiple rows with the structure of Key_Value / Attribute_Name/ Attribute_Value. This structure is very nice for developers. They can add any attribute they want, but it’s a nightmare for reporting.” Read the full blog forthe solution.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Piyush Dutta shared Capture Adhoc Report/analysis in Usage Tracking

Italia Nowodworska posted Statement of Direction: Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics (OBIA)

Duncan Mercer shared Five Smart Reasons Why You Need a Business Intelligence Tool

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

OracleAnalytics  posted Views from IDC’s Craig Stires on the Cloud and Big Data

Daan Bakboord shared Facts and Dimensions – a perfect couple

BI Futurecom tweeted Correct order by Month date in OBIEE

Stories from, and

Videos such as Webinar : Best Practices with Oracle BI Financial Analytics

and Fiat Chrysler on the Benefits of Oracle Exalytics