#OOW18 and other news

Q. How do vampires start their letters?

A. “Tomb it may concern…”

This week has seen Twitter filled with #oow18 fun and presentations. It looks like a great time was had by all. Looking forward to reading the blog posts about it soon. For now, we have a few pre-OOW18 posts and some other general blogs for you to peruse.


Blogs of the week

  1. ADF Task Flow Performance Boost with JET UI Shell Wrapper

Andrejus Baranovskis begins by saying, “ADF application with UI Shell and ADF Task Flows rendered in dynamic tabs would not offer instant switch from one tab to another experience. That’s because tab switch request goes to the server and only when browser gets response – tab switch happens. There is more to this – even if tab in ADF is not currently active (tab is disclosed), tab content (e.g. region rendered from ADF Task Flow) still may participate in the request processing. If user opens many tabs, this could result in slightly slower request processing time overall.”

2. Oracle Open World – My Annual Jamboree

Debra Lilley shares her plans for Oracle Open World.

3. Installation of Oracle 18c (18.3) RPM manually

Dirk Nachbar begins his blog by saying “I was directly testing the manually way in installing the Oracle 18c (18.3) RPM version, not Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN). As pre requirement you will need an up and running Linux Server, in my case an Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.4, and the Oracle 18c RPM and as well the Oracle 18c Preinstallation RPM.”

Then he goes through the installation step by step.

4. Automating data flows between EPM Cloud and OAC – Part 2 

John Goodwin writes, “I am going to add some automation using REST APIs and scripting.” after writing Part 1 which can be found here.

5. Oracle Open World 2018 and More

Francisco Munoz Alvarez gives details of his OOW sessions and thanks people for participating in this webcast.

6. Creating and Managing OML users on Oracle ADWS

Brendan Tierney says, “In this post I’ll look at how to setup and manage users specifically for the Oracle Machine Learning (OML) tool. This tool is only available on ADWS and is a zeppelin based notebook for analytics, data science and machine learning.”

7. BI Publisher in OAC 5 sourcing data from DV Data Set

Mark Daynes writes, “In the September 2018 release of Oracle Analytics Cloud ( aka OAC5 or 18.3.3 ) BI Publisher receives a substantial number of enhancements including read receipts, digital signatures, etc.  One interesting enhancement is the ability of BI Publisher (BIP) to be able to create ‘pixel perfect’ reporting using from a Data Visualization Data Set.  So now for the first time, BIP can consume all the enriched datasets that organisations have created in OAC.  In this short blog we will run through an example of how to do this with a use case of having Oracle Cloud ERP as a data source, consuming some AP Holds data and creating a BIP report based on that data.”

8. When Even Histograms Can’t Help

Liron Amitzi says, “Here is an interesting optimizer case where updated statistics and histograms cannot solve the performance problem. This might be an uncommon case, but it happened for one of my clients and this post is the result of some research on this.”

9. Oracle Open World Presentation: REST Enabled Neural Networks

Neil Chandler shares his OOW presentation slides here.

10. 18c XE–running locally

Connor McDonald starts his blog post by saying, “There’s already a few blog posts out there, showing people (easily) getting their 18c XE instance downloaded, installed and running, so I won’t rehash that here. For the majority of people, I’d imagine they’ll have their XE instance running on a small box and connecting to it from “afar”, namely, their own PC or an application server or similar.

But for those of you, especially in these early stages of release, who like me, want to just jump right into our VM’s and the like, and connect to the XE instance directly, there’s perhaps one thing we omitted as part of the automated install that might catch you out…”

Read on for more details.

This week on Twitter

Oracle Developers LA posted a photo of CloudFest

UKOUG shared a link to early bird offers on #ukoug_Apps18 #ukoug_tech18 and #ukoug_jde18

ODTUG shared the Call for Abstracts Link for #Kscope19


Stories from www.thatjeffsmith.comtechnology.amis.nl  and oracle-base.com

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