Plan for Oracle OpenWorld 2018 in advance!

Why did the golfer change his pants?

Because he got a hole in one!

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 is nearly upon us! There’s some great sessions planned – have a look at the sessions.

Also some super blogs and videos to watch below!

Have a brilliant week.

Blogs of the week

  1. Implementing Handle Patch Method in JET Offline Toolkit

Andrejus Baranovskis writes, “When executing PATCH requests offline, JET Offline Persistence Toolkit will record that request and sync it to the backend, once online. But it will not update data stored in cache, this is by design. Since cached data will not be updated, search queries against offline cache would not bring results based on latest changes. To solve this we need to implement cache update ourself by providing handle patch method.”

2. ODTUG Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Sessions

Details of all the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Sessions (October 22nd – 25th 2018 – San Francisco)

3. Installing Oracle Database 18.3 on Windows

Ahmed Abdel Fattah shares a quick post about installing Oracle Database 18.3 on his laptop (Windows 10)!

4. Create Oracle Database 18c on Windows – Advanced Configuration for the pros

Biju Thomas begins his blog by saying, “Oracle Database 18c (18.3) is available for download for windows platform since August 22, 2018. If you are new to Oracle or if you are a developer and need a database to play with, you can install an Oracle 18c database quickly on your laptop with a few clicks. Read “Oracle18c Database on your Windows laptop in 6 clicks!“. If you installed the Oracle Database 18c software, and want to create a new database swiftly, read “Create Oracle Database 18c in 3 clicks!“ ”

5. Increasing Maximum Web Service Requests in Oracle APEX 18.1

Dimitri Gielis writes, “While running our final tests of APEX Office Print (AOP) 18.1 we hit “ORA-20000: Issue calling Main AOP Service (REST call: ): ORA-20001: You have exceeded the maximum number of web service requests per workspace.” ”

6. Oracle Cloud – Elastic Search set number of replicas for shards

Johan Louwers says, “We see more and more that customers leverage Elastic Search within modern application deployments. Recently we have been experimenting with Elastic Search in the Oracle Cloud. The initial setup was a relative simple cluster setup of a number of nodes. When doing the first resilience test we found out that we where finding that we degraded the cluster state and lost data when turning off a virtual machine in the Oracle Compute Cloud. The reason for this was that we did not set the replication for shards in the correct manner. Ensuring you have set sharding correctly is vital to ensure your Elastic Search Cluster in the Oracle Cloud is resilient against node failure.”

7. SQL Developer: Renaming Columns in the cloud or not

Ric Van Dyke writes about renaming columns and gives some suggestions as to what to rename them to.

8. Fusion SaaS – Finding The View Object You Need for Data Extracts

Richard Williams writes in his Introduction: “For good reason, the database of Fusion SaaS products is not available for ETL tools to work directly against. The recommended approach to extract data for most use cases, is through the BI Cloud Connector tool.  This pulls data from ‘View Objects’ in the Business Intelligence layer of Fusion SaaS.  Other tools, the Analytics Cloud Data Replicator, and Analytics Cloud Data Sync tool, can also extract from these view objects.”

9. Partial indexing – get the dictionary definitions right

Connor McDonald writes “Just a quick post to clear up some confusion that can be seen on the partial indexing capabilities in Oracle Database 12c and above. I was at an event in the Oracle Perth office last week, and an attendee mentioned that they thought the feature was not working or was not enabled on their database.”

10. Authentication error while upgrading to JDK8 on 11g weblogic 10.3.6.

Debashis Paul begins by saying, “Upgrading JDK for existing 11g OBIEE is very simple as it is defined in Oracle Documentation here. Generally if not said explicitly in Certification matrix it is assumed that any higher jdk6+ will be compatible with OBIEE 11g which is not in this case. That is weird !”

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