Real Time Understanding OBIEE Deployments and Scheduling

paperliOBIEE News is out!

OBIEE News is out.  Edition of 9th December

Featuring blogs from KPI Partners, The Art of Business Intelligence and Siebel Essentials.

blogBlogs of the week

1. Scripted RPD deployments using UDML and WLST

In Ben Mackin’s blog, ‘Adventures in OBIEE’, it states that “with OBIEE 11g, RPD deployments are now handled through Weblogic, so we need to take some additional steps. Luckily these can be easily scripted thanks to WLST.”

He then goes through the steps.  Read the whole blog for more details.

2. Oracle SQL Developer v4 is Live & Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Today!

Jeff Smith goes through the 10 reasons why we should upgrade.  These are:

1. Get a leg up on the competition

2. Lots and lots of dead bugs

3. Better connection management

4. Java 7

5. Finding stuff in the database is easier

6. New Command line interface

7. Reports are brand new

8. GIT

9. New Framework and updated look and feel

10. Version 3.2 is more than a year old.

Read in more detail here.

3. OBIEE 11g Selection Steps and Filters: Their Differences and How to Use the Two

This blog by M & S Consulting, explores the OBIEE 11g Selection steps and filters and how to use the two of them. Read the full blog for detailed instructions.

4. Scheduling OBIEE Reports with CRON

In this post by Shwetank Sheel, he says “I recently got a request from a colleague to help them with scheduling some reports for delivery, with the destination being a unix machine folder. I am aware that iBots can call a Java Program to write to a disk, and that BI Publisher’s scheduling engine can directly write to the disk, but I did not want to delve into any large lines of code nor even use the OBIEE scheduling. I wanted to see how I can make it a purely pull job from the unix machine side. To this end, I wrote a shell script to accomplish this.”

See the blog for this script.

5. Basic Understanding of OBIEE Report vs BI Publisher report.

In this blog, Bojie says that BI Publisher was originally a different application, which is now part of OBIEE. The best way to put it is, BI Publisher is another technology that has been integrated with OBIEE, so now the two are both parts of Oracle Business Intelligence. He then goes on to explain the difference between the two of them.

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Kent Graziano posted Tech Tip: Connect to SQL Server Using Oracle SQL Developer (updated)

Arun Sadagopan shared Installing OBIEE services as Windows services

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Robin Moffat shared Getting Started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery v3.1, Part 1: General Introduction

Oracle Analytics tweeted Big Data Episode 3: Acquiring Big Data

Oracle Blogs shared OBIEE Web services with javascript

Jeff Smith tweeted Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 Enhances Support for Oracle Database 12c

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