Role of Honour

I received lots of good feedback on my recent rantings about the market, so have decided to set-up a role of honour for OBI specialists. We know who the major players are, so I’ll set-up a webpage listing consultants, companies, projects, agents and general information.

If you would like to be included just let me know, and send me a profile. If there is anything you specifically want to have included, let me know. If you want, I’ll put a link on your profile, so people can make direct contact (via LinkedIn, Xing, facebook, etc).

I don’t think I can put it on a page here (can I?) so may hvae to host it on or


  1. Hello
    Been lurking on your blog for sometime, reading some of your entries, longtime Oracle Express/Oracle (MOLAP) /Discoverer consultant trying to make decision either to re-train into Oracle BI EE or Microsoft BI platform.
    Any advice on what it would take to become a competent Oracle BI EE consultant, your advice is greatly appreaciated…Robert

  2. In my experience it takes approximately 18 mothns of solid OBI to get a good level of understanding. The market is still strange, Oracle need to sell more. There are few active projects (less than 100 in whole of Europe) and there are a few consultants on the bench. They are there due to lack of experience or are unwilling to travel. OBI EE should be worth learning, but do this on your own test machine, set yourself a project up and try all the functionality. Then get certified. Then get a job and really start to learn 🙂

  3. Adrian,

    I think this is a very generous idea you have there, and could only benefit the OBIEE market-space, that seems to be just in it’s infancy right now.

    There sure seems to be enough of interest buzzing around and it will only get stronger in the coming months. Oracle will surely manage to close more deals as the end of the year draws near …

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