Shake off those Chicago Blues

My mate has written a book about birds
Apparently, it has flown off the shelves.

Life goes on in the OBIEE community. Just as those Chicago Kscope16 memories start to fade, the excitement begins for OpenWorld 16, then on to Tech16 (+Apps16).

The good news is that I finally got a proposal accepted, and I will be there – No not in sunny San Fran, but Beautiful Birmingham, England, Europe.

Tech 16

Blogs of the week

  1. What should I know about SQL?

Scott Wesley says that the 3 features he should know to be productive and efficient are:

1. analytics
2. scalar subqueries
3.  with clause

Read the full blog for more.

2. Video:Part 2 – APEX Classic Report Named Column Templates

Part 1 is here. Jorge Rimblas  shares Part 2:

3. Creating ggplot2 graphics using SQL

Brendan Tierney writes, “Did you read the title of this blog post! Read it again. Yes, Yes, I know what you are saying, “SQL cannot produce graphics or charts and particularly not ggplot2 graphics”.You are correct to a certain extent. SQL is rubbish a creating graphics (and I’m being polite).But with Oracle R Enterprise you can now produce graphics on your data using the embedded R execution feature of Oracle R Enterprise using SQL. In this blog post I will show you how.”

4. Getting Started with Oracle BICS – My Services

Sarah Craynon Zumbrum says, “Once you have signed up for Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) either via a trial or by purchasing a BICS subscription, the first thing that will happen is that you will get a couple of emails. The first one will tell you your cloud account details.”

She then details the rest of the process in this blog.

5. OpenWorld 2016 is not far away

Connor McDonald says “See you in San Francisco!” and lists the panels where you can chat to them, ask questions, debate topics and basically have a relaxed 45mins during all the frenzied activity that is OpenWorld!

6. ADF BC REST Authentication with JSESSIONID Cookie

Andrejus writes, “I have described how to apply ADF Security for ADF BC REST in my previous post – Oracle JET and ADF BC REST Basic Authentication. I will show how you can authenticate on first request and for the next requests rely on JSESSIONID cookie from the first request. This is useful for mobile clients and JET, there is no need to keep user credentials during requests (enough to keep cookie), as this is sensitive data.”

7. Create an Empty OBIEE 12c Web Catalog – Easy as 1,2,3

Sherry Milad writes, “In this blog I have used the sample app v511 to demonstrate how straight forward it is to create a blank Web Catalog.”

8. 2016 Kscope -What did I learn?

Debra details her KScope16 experiences

9. Reflections on KScope16

Monty gives us an account of his experiences as an attendee – and also a vendor

10. Why should you apply for ODTUG Leadership Program

DEV EPM tell us why we should get involved with the ODTUG Leadership Program.

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OTN Arch Beat posted Oracle Business Intelligence Server Caching

This week on LinkedIn

Fereshteh Bayat asked How can I call BI publisher report from jdeveloper ADF using web service?

Yasmin Morrison posted 10 Steps to Eliminate Hard Coding in the Oracle Call Interface

Stories from and

Videos such as An OBIEE Developers Guide to Essbase Integration

and OTN Community Cast LIVE – Oracle ACE Erik Benner – Oracle Cloud Services – Solaris Update