Some escapism reading (March 2020)

A majority of the world is now on ‘Lockdown’/Self Isolating and Working From Home.

Take a break from it all and read something non-virus related – I’ve collated some of the latest blogs, news and videos.

Stay safe.

Blogs of the week

1.Optimizing SQL with LIKE expression

Quanwen Zhao writes, “This post is focused on talking about how to optimize several SQL statements with LIKE expression in oracle database.”

2. Taming The Queue – when the third party can only handle so many connections

Alex Nuijten starts with, “We had a problem with the awesome power that the Oracle database offers… or to be more specific the third party had a problem with that awesome power.”

He then goes through:

  • Setting the Stage
  • The Problem
  • Solutions?
  • Our Solution
  • Does it work?
  • Doh!

3. Are Tech Conferences Dead?

Robin Moffatt writes, “COVID-19 has well and truly hit the tech scene this week. As well as being full of “WFH tips” for all the tech workers suddenly banished from their offices, my particular Twitter bubble is full of DevRel folk musing and debating about what this interruption means to our profession. For sure, in the short term, the Spring conference season is screwed— all the conferences are cancelled (or postponed).

But what about the future? No-one would ever want to take such a forced hiatus but what an excellent opportunity it is to take a step back and consider why we’re doing what we’re doing – and if we should go back to business as usual once things calm down.”

4. Exadata wrong Kernel version after dbnode upgrade

Stefan writes, “While doing a lot of Exadata Upgrades I get a problem on one of my DB nodes. The patchmgr works without an error and the Cluster starts up. I did a few checks including if all nodes have the same Kernel version but node01 has an older Kernel Version than the other nodes.”

5. 10 Oracle SQL functions and function parameters you might not know

Sven Weller explores the following:

  • BITAND function but no BITOR function
  • CAST with default on conversion error
  • Dump
  • NEXT_DAY function parameter
  • POWER (sql) = ** (plsql)
  • ROUND_TIES_TO_EVEN function
  • STANDARD_HASH function

6. Generate Random Passwords for Automated Oracle Installs

Sean starts by saying, “Oracle enforces complexity rules for passwords when creating a database.”

7. Oracle Database on YouTube

8. APEX 19 Form PL/SQL Processing

Martin Giffy D’Souza begins by saying, “Starting with APEX 19.1 a new form type was introduced that replaces the old “Auto DML” model with much more robust functionality. Carsten Czarski wrote an in depth article about the new form regions and I suggest you read it before continuing with this post.”

9. Cloud Customer Connect – Liking Ideas

Eric Erikson tells us, “Hopefully all Oracle cloud customers know about this topic, but maybe not. There is an Oracle website,, where users can post forum questions and submit enhancement requests (they’re called ideas). Oracle staff regularly review the items on CCC and comment. Also, there are webcasts announced via CCC on new product features and other items and the replays of these webcasts are also available.”

10. Checking your OAC version

This blog says, we need to check our OAC version!

The easiest way of doing this is to use the OCI Analytics Console.

Click the relevant service name and see the verion number

This week on Twitter

Philippe Lions shared Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) – Using Usage Tracking

Francesco Tisiot shares these slides “Upgrade to OAS: Why and How?

Stories from, and

Videos such as:

Oracle Digital Assistant: Raw Payload Custom Component | Frank Nimphius

Openworld 2019: APEX Demonstration