State of the OBIEE Market

Recession, what recession?

Ever since I started up Majendi (Now Rittman Mead), the market for Siebel Analytics (now Oracle BI) has been a roller coaster. Looking back, supply and demand for consultants / contractors / permies has either been heavily biased to supply or to demand. Getting the balance right has been difficult for both sides.

Siebel Analytics never had a huge following, and hardly any outside of Siebel projects. Customers were reluctant to put significant investment into the product and therefore there were (relatively few opportunities for consultants to learn).

Then Oracle came along and changed all that.

Customers are now investing heavily in OBIEE, and all of it’s features – not just Dashboards and Answers, but Delivers, BIP, and briefing books.

This Oracle takeover caused many new consultancies to switch from Disco, OWB and other Oracle products

In the meantime the great rush to send development offshore took place. Despite the difficulties companies pressed ahead with moving vital code building offshore because of the obvious cost savings. One client I was at tried to pretend that development went to India because they were the best in the world at developing OBIEE. It was nothing to do with the 300 dollars per day rate! (Their project failed btw).

Then the agencies moved in. I cannot tell you how many calls I get every day from someone saying they are specialist in the OBI marketplace. All I can say is that they think there is a pot of gold n the market, but soon disappear when they discover there isn’t.

But whilst all this market activity was taking place there was a real economy. With real booms and busts. A friend of mine who has been in business for 10 years says this is the worst ever.

Well I can tell you that so far this has been our BEST year ever. Good ole OBI market does it again. Lots of implementations and few skilled, experienced consultants available.
Last year we saw a dip. That’s when the real recession started, way before the banks started to feel the pinch. (In my view the recession was inevitable due to record oil prices).

I have two vacancies right now – you can start next week.
There are lots of jobs on Jobserve
but Contracts are keeping their heads down, so supply is tight

But companies have made an error of judgment, slashing rates by 10% across the board has upset a lot of contractors.

If you are an independent consultant with good OBIEE skills then do not believe what the agencies and companies are telling you – You are still worth the same as you were two years ago. Do not accept rates below GBP 500 per day minimum. If you have the skills and experience then do not be afraid to demand the proper rate.

And if you have just had your rate cut by 10% come to me and I’ll show you where to earn properly again.


  1. I work as an OBIEE consultant in US and here competition is stiff and rates are going down year after year. Needless to say there is a slow transition of onsite work to offshore mainly because of the big companies involved in the implementations who keep a 1:10 onsite:offshore ratio and get most of their work done at cheaper cost.

  2. Hi ward,

    Its really a encouraging post.Iam not into OBIEE,but iam starting in 2 weeks down OBIEE.

    It really boost me to start and take this as my career(iam technical consultant).Thanks for the market rise post for OBIEE.

  3. I am a Project Manager trying to recruit OBI EE talent however it is all very well saying that contractors should insist on at least £500 a day, but once the parasites have had their cut on top it is over £600 a day and any IT manager will be hard pressed to convince a HR department to spend that much for a “developer”. If people hang out for very high rates then the development projects in industry will slow down whilst HR “look” for candidates at £450-£500 all in. I will be shopping with about £400 a day to the consultant.

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