Steve Jobs

I never got into the Apple Hype, prefering my PC’s for the last 15-20 years.

That changed last year when I got a MacBok Pro (I got it in lieu of £2,000 I was owed).  I didn’t really want it but had to find some way of getting my money back.

I am now happy to say I AM an Apple fan.  The laptop mainly just works (most of the time), is fast, very lightweight, full of great features and looks good.  Same goes for the iPhone and the iPad.  Apple are clearly leading the way with their products.

I have no idea how much of this is down to Steve Jobs, but he obviously had a huge impact on all the people he met judging by the tributes on

However, I think the best thing I have seen from him was that speech back in 2005.  All I can say is read it, or watch it, especially part 3.  The full text can be found here or the video is on YouTube

Thanks Mr Jobs