Summer Loving – And OBIEE Greases the wheels of Industry


You may have noticed that Sailing features strongly on this blog, so today was a great day for us as we joined thousands of sailors around the World who raced against each in Barts Bash –

The only downside is that a certain large competitor of Oracle is presenting the results – We need to get the full Oracle based results analysis system out there to show that Oracle Database and OBIEE are better than a certain TLA.

I hope it didn’t pass you by – The Major news of the week is the launch of the Cloud BI solution from Oracle.  I don’t know how this will change IT departments, but look out for reviews on this as we find them.

Anyway, on with the show…

Blogs of the week

1. Your indispensable guide to DW at OpenWorld in iBook and PDF formats

Keith Laker has put together a comprehensive downloadable guide of all the data warehousing and big data activities at OracleOpenWorld 2014. Download it here.

2. Analytics Hands on Labs at OOW 14

Brendan Tierney says, “After trawling through the list of Hands-on-Labs it was disappointing to see that there was no Oracle Data Mining or Oracle R Enterprise hands-on-labs this year.

But there is a hands on lab that looks are how to use the new SQL for Big Data feature (announced over the summer).”

3. Who moved my data?

John Booth pays homage to ‘Who moved my cheese?’ in this blog about data.

4. OBIEE common Pre-defined System Session Variables

Praveen shares the common Pre-defined System Session Variables in this blog post.

5. It’s almost time! #OOW14 and #OTW14 – the biggest gathering of Oracle experts anywhere

Kent Graziano writes, “There will be much to see, do, and learn at what is arguably the largest (60k+ people) gathering of Oracle users and experts in the world. Expect big news from Oracle Corp, great sessions from Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, and of course the annual customer appreciation event.

So here is my short list of what to check out this year:”

Read the full blog for what he expects to be highlights!

6. Minimalist Design for the Criteria Tab

Jeff McQuigg says, “When it comes to OBI report design, minimalist is the only way to go when it comes to the Criteria Tab.” Read his full blog post to find out why.

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