Post Conference Blues

Whilst in Miami we had the chance to catch up with co-author Christian Screen and meet his great team at the Art of BI. His OBIEE Products are exactly what we need, and I cant wait to implement them on my current project.
Watch out for news on the next installment of the OBIEE Book.

We also spent some time with Stewart (aka Neo) and Kevin (aka Morpheus) at Red Pill Analytics.  What a great name for an Oracle BI consulting firm, and it’s amazing to hear how big the company is already.  Good luck guys with taking over the world!

Anyway, on with the show…

Blogs of the week

1.  Advanced Printing in OBIEE with BITeamwork

Christian Screen writes, “In BITeamwork 3.7 we’ve released another amazing solution to a known problem with all analytical reporting collaboration in OBIEE.”

Take the latest version for a test drive,

2. Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) – Planned Upgrade for 10-July-2015

Daan Bakboord says, “As from the 10th of July the Oracle BI Cloud Service environment will be upgraded. Looking forward to the new features and enhancements to the Oracle BI Cloud Service.”

He lists these new features as:

  • Fresh new look to Oracle BI Cloud Service
  • View your data in a heat matrix
  • Visualize geographical data on maps
  • Manage your data files
  • Enhancements to Data Modeler

3. BI Publisher Bursting Issue

The overview of this issue:

“Working with a bursting BIP report to be sent out to X number of recipients. The bursting job never completes and stays in ‘Job processor completed’ status indefinitely. Looking at the job details, N number of recipients’ reports are created and delivered. M number, however, are stuck in ‘Rendering Report Document’ statuses. The BIP job never completes.”

An analysis and resolution is then offered.

4. 2015 KSCOPE – PaaS4SaaS

Debra Lilley writes:

“Earlier this year I wrote about our PaaS4SaaS proof of concept and the white paper I wrote and I gave this presentation at Kscope.
I submitted it for the Editor’s Choice Award for which I got a T shirt with a great quotation from the Dalai Lama “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” 
What is interesting is that our customers and other users have discussed with us what they might need in PaaS and to date we have been able to do whatever they need by clever configuration of the SaaS, but this will come once people understand what PaaS delivers. There is always a gap between launch and mass takeup of technology.”

Read the rest of the blog for more.

5. On Abstracts…

Sarah Zumbrum says, “There is a recurring theme on Twitter that I’ve seen since Kscope last week – people want to go to Kscope again next year, but are worried they won’t be able to because of the registration fee. Since accepted speaker’s get a free registration to Kscope (and most other conferences), people are scrambling to come up with new and innovative abstracts to submit in order to secure a coveted speaker’s slot. However, most people seem to think they have nothing to offer. WHAT?????”

She then gives some of her thoughts on abstracts.


This blog gives:

  • Top Tech Moment
  • Top AuraPlayer Moment
  • Top Personal Moment
  • Most Fun

7. Top 10 Things You Might Be Overlooking in Oracle SQL Developer

Jeff Smith talks about the 10 things you should be doing in SQL:


  • Reports
  • Search
  • The Debugger


  • The Cart

Read the rest of the blog for more.

8. Oracle Process Cloud Service – SOAP Web Service Integration

Andrejus Baranovski says, “ADF BC offers LOV caching feature. There are two caching levels – application and session. With application level enabled, it makes LOV rows available for all users. On contrary for session level LOVs, data is cached for single session only. In this post I will focus on session level LOV’s and I’m going to explain when cached data expires and is re-fetched.”

9. Upgrading A Database Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) Duplicate Command In Oracle 12c

Y.V RaviKumar links to this article

10. OBIEE Query Blocking as Analysis Protection or Standardization

Christian Screen says, “This blog walks you through using a feature in OBIEE called Query Blocking. This is a nice function that controls analysis/report development and to some degree continuity with your queries. There are some case where in rapid prototyping a user may need to bypass said query blockage so, this blog will also show you how to prompt a user as an alert that they are breaching the query blocking constraint. This gives the user flexibility to override the query blocking if needed. All it takes is a little bit of JavaScript and OBIEE know-how.”

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