They’re doing it again

Another year, and another set of interviews, for another project, but still the same poor candidates.
If you want a job on an OBIEE project, as an OBIEE developer then you should be able to answer simple questions about the BI Server, The repository and using Answers.

AM I asking TOO much?

Several recent interviewees, who claimed to be experts in OBIEE could not answer the following questions:

– How do you write a report based on two Subject Areas?
– How do you implement row level security?
– How do you put a report Chart on a page, and the same reports pivot table on another page.

If you cannot do the above, then please do not pretend you know OBIEE



  1. Dear Adrian,

    Absolutly true, that you are asking (candidates should know basics).

    Even though I have spent close to year and half (which is too small; I guess it’s only 1/10 as compared with your stint) with OBIEE development; I still consider myself as a novice in the vast sea of features that OBIEE has to offer.

    And am not afraid to accept that through your blog I got to know about “Row level security” (never thought of such situation) and am working to know about the rest 2 questions that you posted.

    I will keep an open mind and explore the OBIEE.

    Thank you.

  2. I had an argument with someone recently who swore blind that BI Server only ran on MS Windows. Even after I’d pointed to our *nix stack, he still said, you need a Windows server (and he didn’t just mean to run the admin tool).

    One of my favourite quotations is from last year’s BI Forum – someone described BI as sometimes being “a refuge of charlatans”. Sounds like it’s still true 🙁

    BTW you should have a “rant” category on your blog, they’re fun to read 🙂

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