To Dashboard or not to Dashboard. No Question about it.

Dashboard, Dashboard, Dashboard.

It’s the Dashboard, stupid.

We will fight them on the Dashboard and we will fight them in the delivers.

Dashboard 5 San Marino 0

Which ever way you look at it, the Brits are a proud Dashboard Nation. We are traditionalists, who eat Dashboard Pie.

The British Empire was built on Dashboards.

Whoops, hang on, lets not bring up the Empire thing (sounds a bit too much like the Bad guys in Star Wars)

How about the Olympic Dashboards games of 2012, yes thats better, a true success story.  May the data be forever in your favour.

There should be a Museum of Dashboard (and stand alone Analyses and iBots (OK picky Agents)

Luke, I am your Dashboard.

Dashboard 2, The son of Dashboard.