Tonsils Out

Not only has it been very busy on the client work front, busy on the sailing front, busy on the consultancy, and trying to dig out of the snow drifts, but I had my tonsils out. Will be back to shouting again soon I hope.

It went pretty well apart from two days after the OP I had a trip in an ambulance when blood started gushing from my throat. Never dialled 999 before, or been in an ambulance with the lights flashing and the siren going, all very excting.

Whilst I was at home recovering I managed to carry on working due to the wonders of modern technology – Broadband, VPN and Laptop. In fact I do much more when working from my home office, and get to save three hours per day travel.

Anyway, apart from the credit crunch there is still some work to do. I hear of one project that needs someone tomorrow for BI Publisher and someone else is after CTI skills.

If you are looking for a new project, drop me a line as I always hear about new projects alll the time.