#worldbookday2019 – Read a book or read some blogs instead

Today is #worldbookday2019 and children (and some adults) have been dressing up as their favourite characters from books.

We are celebrating by reading some of the latest blogs and news instead!

But first some jokes about all things ‘books’:

What did the frog say when he went to the library?

Reddit reddit reddit


What’s the best thing to read in the woods?



What did the comedian say to Harry Potter?
Why so Sirius?


Blogs of the week

1.Oracle Tidbits – February 2019 #oratidbit

February’s collection of #oratidbit from Biju Thomas

2. Code Completion for your PL/SQL

Jeff Smith says, “When using the code completion feature, SQL Developer will look at what you’ve typed so far, and will offer to ‘auto complete’ what you have at your cursor. I’ve tried to cover this exhaustively here, but apparently I failed to include THIS bit of the feature…”

3. How to Execute Queries in SQL Developer

Martin Giffy D’Souza says, “They’re certain things in life that absolutely drive me crazy. I can probably start an entire blog on this topic but instead will focus on something I see many developers do in SQL Developer.!”

4. Spark Streaming and Kafka, Part 2 – Configuring a Kafka Connector

Janis Rumnieks writes, “In my previous blog post, I covered the development of a custom Kafka Source Connector, written in Scala. This blog post is about deploying that Connector.”

5. APEX Instrumentation and the SQL Developer

Sven Weller says, “In general I do instrument all my code, but usually I have plsql code that calls some framework like logger. Because of that I rarely add extra APEX instrumentation code. Any trace or debug information is already written into the logger table. Sometimes it makes sense to add calls to apex_debug too. Especially if this part of the logic is checked frequently using the APEX built-in debug functionality.”

6. Oracle Feature App 🙂

Stefan links to the feature app

7. Preparing a New Talk

Robin Moffat shares his top tips on how to prepare a new talk!

8. Oracle Announces Removal of Support for Transport Layer Security Protocol 1.0 and 1.1; How Does that Affect Me? 

Wayne Paffhausen says, “Oracle has announced that as of May 3, 2019, the use of Transport Layer Security Protocols 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be supported.  Communications to Cloud products will only be supported with TLS1.2. The announcement was made in the  February What’s New communications from Oracle”

9. Automatic Indexing in 19c

Julian Dontcheff says, “One of the most impressive new features of Oracle Database 19c is Automatic Indexing. Arguably, this is the most interesting innovation in the database world for a rather long time.”

10. Installing Oracle Goldengate 18C Microservices on Windows…I know, why? 

Bobby Curtis writes, “I’m not a huge fan of the Windows platform although I’ve spent the early part of my career as a Systems Admin working on Windows. As I’ve gotten a bit older, Linux/Unix seem to be more my way of thinking; however, there are still many customers out there who run Oracle Databases and Microsoft SQL Server databases on the Windows platform. They still have a need to move data, right? In this post, you’ll walk through how to install (yes a boring installation post) Oracle GoldenGate 18c Microservices on the Windows platform. This will include building the ServiceManager and first deployment. ”

This week on Twitter

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Oracle JET posted link to Oracle JET: Building the Community!



Stories from www.us-analytics.comdataterrain.com and www.ateam-oracle.com

Videos such as:

BMW ORACLE Racing. Highlights

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