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1. Copying a SQL Plan Baseline from one database to another

Martin Bach starts by saying, “Hopefully this post saves you a few minutes looking the procedure up. I know it’ll save me some time 😉 In this rather lengthy article I’d like to cover how I copied a SQL Plan Baseline from one database to another. If you find this procedure useful, please ensure your system is appropriately licensed for it and test it first!”

2. How to list and create Kafka topics using the REST Proxy API

Robin Moffatt begins with, “In v5.5 of Confluent Platform, the REST Proxy added new Admin API capabilities, including functionality to list, and create, topics on your cluster.”

He links to the docs and you can download Confluent Platform.

To start with, you need the cluster ID

3. Six new features of Data Pump in Oracle Database 20c

Julian Dontcheff shares six new features of Data Pump in Oracle Database 20c including:

  • Oracle Data Pump checksums support for cloud migrations
  • Oracle Data Pump exports from Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Data Pump includes and excludes in the same operation
  • Oracle Data Pump parallelizes transportable tablespace metadata operations
  • Oracle Data Pump provides optional index compression
  • Oracle Data Pump resumes transportable tablespace jobs

4. Replacing Manual Request Forms with EDMCS!

Kate Helmer shared: “had an interesting use case for EDMCS come up recently, and wanted to share some of the  process of designing EDMCS objects/features  to support a business process.”

5. CTE Catalogue

Jonathan Lewis writes: “This note is an index to the articles I’ve written about Subquery Factoring (aka Common Table Expressions / CTEs, aka “with” subqueries).”

These include:

Subquery factoring and the merge command

The exception to the materialization “rule of two” with several extra links


Materialization and inconsistent cost calculations

6. Why my hint has not been used?

Mohamed Houri asks this question! He starts his blog by saying, “While waiting for Tanel Poder’s hacking session about sql hint invalidity which I encourage everyone to subscribe and to follow, here are a few particular cases where hints are not obeyed by the Oracle Cost Based Optimizer. It happens when the hint asks the CBO to do something which is either impossible or not yet implemented in its algorithm. When two hints are contradictory one of them will be ignored by the CBO to the detriment of the other one. We will see that the victim hint seems not to be cost based dependent but rather rule based.”

7. Relocated PDBs in Oracle Database 18c

Satishbabu Gunukula writes, “Oracle 18c allows RMAN backups created before the non-CDB or PDB was migrated into a different target CDB can be used for recovery operations. The COMPATIBLE parameter of the source and Oracle Cloud must be set to 18.0.0 or higher. The RMAN commands used to backup and recovery CDBs and PDBs are the same as those used for non-CDBs, with few variations in the syntax.

8. Oracle Always Free cloud offering (Part 3)

Part 3 begins by saying, “Today I’ll continue with the Oracle always free cloud offering and we’ll finally start to provisioning a VM in our environment. If you want to know more about how it works (Part 1) or the overview about the Dashboard (Part 2) please check my previous posts. The first thing we need to do is check for the best practices and see if everything in our environment is adequate.”

9. Data Preparation Made Easy webcast series

Quest Software shared a link to their new webcast series on Data Preparation Made Easy.

Their third session is July 9, 11:00 a.m. ET featuring Product Manager Julie Hyman, Julie will be presenting Toad Data Point Workbook 101: The Ins and Outs.

10. A Quick Note on the PL/SQL Debugger and Watches

Jeff Smith shares, “Stepping through your PL/SQL code is fun – but often you want to be able to ‘jump to’ a specific iteration of a loop or maybe when a certain condition evaluates to true.”

He concludes by saying, “I’ll have some more exciting debugger news once version 20.2 of SQL Developer is released – so stay tuned!”

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