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1. Announcing Oracle APEX 20.2

Joel Kallman shares (the original post is here) :

“This release of APEX introduces several new features and enhancements to help developers be more productive than ever before.  From the all new Cards component, Automations, and REST Data Synchronization, to charts in Faceted Search, REST Connector Plug-ins, Report Printing improvements, Redwood Light Theme Style, and an exceptional code editing experience across all of App Builder, APEX 20.2 an epic release that has something for everyone.”

2. Sensitive Data Protection Best Practices [Webinar]

Quest Software share a link to their event : Free webcast: Sensitive Data Protection Best Practices

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3. Column Groups

Jonathan Lewis writes: “Here’s an odd little detail about the statistics of column groups. At first glance it’s counter-intuitive but it’s actually an “obvious” (once you’ve thought about it for a bit) consequence of the approximate_ndv() algorithm for gathering stats.”

4. DBAs are a wealth of knowledge

Julian Dontcheff begins this blog, “

Fifteen years ago, in 2005, I remember I read the following speculation about the DBA profession: Oracle 2020 – a Glimpse Into the Future of Database Management. I was curious what would be true 15 years later. Just have a look at some of the predictions:

– 2018: Oracle 14m provides inter-instance sharing of RAM resources. All Oracle instances become self-managing.
– 2019: The first 128-bit processors are introduced.
– 2020: Oracle 16ss introduces solid-state, non-disk database management.”

5. Oracle 19c on Docker and Kubernetes Part 3 – Using Minikube and VirtualBox

Ron Ekin links to  Part 1 and Part 2. Then writes, “In this post I will be using Minikube and VirtualBox to run an Oracle 19c database within Kubernetes environment.”

6. Small demo about sequences and identity columns

Sven Weller says, “A recent twitter discussion lead me to (re)test the syntax a little more around auto-incrementing ID columns that work without triggers. I was especially curious about the LIMIT VALUE option, that I didn’t know before.”

7. ORDS Example: Many Tables and a Parameter

Jeff Smith says, “This post is a bit longer than ‘it needs to be’ – someone brand new to ORDS asked me for advice on how ‘best’ to build a RESTful Web Service for Oracle Database using ORDS, but when there was ‘more than one table’ and at least one parameter. So, I’m going to go into great detail on exactly how to do this, and will include all the code for defining the RESTful Service.”

8. Vagrant Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Build

Tim Hall shares this video:

9. Oracle Integration: Integration Anti-Patterns and Common Pitfalls

A link to Antony Reynolds video:

10. Making Interactive Grid Rows Editable on Condition in Oracle Apex

Vinish Kapoor says, “In Oracle Apex, you can make interactive grid rows editable on condition. For example, you have a flag column APPROVED in your table, and if the APPROVED column value is N; a row can be edited else not.”

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