Graph Database Install


So I installed the Spatial and Graph server available on the Marketplace

It installed, but couldn’t get it to do anything. No connection worked.

So, I thought thats OK I will just install it myself, and I saw the documentation in Oracle database 20c, that the graph db is built in.

So I tried to install the Oracle 20. Fail. Oracle 20 is being elusive – I can’t find it. Where are they hiding the latest version??

Thats OK, I thought, I will just use my Autonomous database, and my compute, and install it myself:

So I downloaded the rpm and ran

rpm -i oracle-graph-20.4.0.x86_64.rpm

and edited the conf file (tls setting):


and set the database connection in pgx.conf:

"pgx_realm": {
  "implementation": "",
  "options": {
    "jdbc_url": "jdbc:oracle:thin:@my_identifier_low?TNS_ADMIN=/etc/oracle/graph/wallet",
    "token_expiration_seconds": 3600,

started the server.


Now I need to figure out how to connect to it and use it.


By contrast I install neo4j recently.

It was simple, it is up and running – I even embedded it into an Apex app.


So, Oracle graph is difficult to install and use, neo4j is easy. I prefer easy, but will have learn more about Oracle graph before I give up.

Otherwise this will be the shortest specialist subject series.