Autumn is on its way

The colder nights are setting in. Light the fire, grab a cuppa – and here are some blogs worth a view:

1. Using Information Publisher Reports in Oracle Enterprise Manager for RMAN backup reporting.

Adityanath Dewoolkar begins by saying, “Recently one of BU person in my project requested us to send scheduled report for RMAN Backup completion for one of critical databases. As this requirement was from Business, I thought of having it simple & less techie. After exploring few options, I thought of using OEM reporting functionalities & found its really amazing.

This post will guide you on how to create custom information publisher report.”

2. Extract Oracle DB information in one go

Soumya gives a single script to gather various information off your database.

3. Verifying an RMAN Backup

Hemant begins his blog with, “In general, most database backups with RMAN always include the “correct” set of ArchiveLogs.  This is done either with :


4. How to read a Parallel Execution Plan in Oracle

Maria Colgan writes, “The volume of data being stored in databases has grown exponentially in recent years. So too has the need to rapidly generate value or business insights from that data.

Parallel execution is the key to processing large volumes of diverse data quickly, as it subdivides complex tasks into a number of small tasks allowing multiple processes to accomplish a single complex task.”

5. Another surprise: DBMS_PDB in Oracle

Mike Dietrich says, ” I think I should start a blog post series of surprises. At least, this time it’s not harmful at all. But it still a surprise. And ACE Director Rodrigo Jorge reported about it and did ask me for more details. So yes, here we have Another surprise: DBMS_PDB in Oracle”

6. More Advanced File Uploads in Oracle APEX

Dimitri Gielis says, “This post is part of the Getting Started with Plug-ins Pro APEX plug-ins series.”

7. Oracle Always Free cloud Tier and what can we do with it

Boris Dahav says, “A year ago Oracle announced the Oracle always free tier. Let me describe shortly what it is and point to few great examples what to do with it.”

He also links to this, this and a whole host of other useful links!

8. Oracle 19c Database Upgrade – Performance testing options

Gary Gordhamer asks, “What are your options for testing performance changes when moving from Oracle 11g to 19c?”

9. Make Someone Else do the Work – Managing Oracle Database 19c Users in Active Directory (part 1 – Kerberos)

Ross Lowenthal writes, “One of my least favorite database administration activities is managing users – creating users, changing passwords, granting roles – zero fun.”

10. Compression default settings

Connor McDonald says, “If you are loading a data warehouse or similar environment where your default approach would probably be to compress all objects because they are predominantly read only, you do not need to head back into your DDL scripts and add a “COMPRESS” clause to every table.”

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