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1.OBIEE – SSO — Integrating with a third party login with AD authentication / passing user and pass in URL

Erman Arslan begins by saying, “Implementing SSO or Windows Native authentication in OBIE is something we do frequently. Basically, we integrate OBIEE with Microsoft Active Directory and obtain centralized password management. This is also more secure and easy for the users. They don’t have to remember or manage their OBIEE usernames and passwords as they already have more important usernames and passwords, I mean their domain users and passwords.”

2. Patch ODA from 18.3 to 19.8. Part 2 – 18.8 to 19.6

Fernando Simon says, “This is the second part of the ODA patch series, from 18.3 to 19.8. I separate in multiple parts and you can use this second as a direct guide to patch ODA from 18.8 to 19.6. Each part can be used alone since they cover all the needed steps.”

He links to the previous post and also a post from the ODA blog.

3. Upgrade the database time zone file using the DBMS_DST package in 19c

Mariami Kupatadze says, “After upgrading database from 12c to 19c, you may need to upgrade database time zone file version. This step is not always mandatory, but it is recommended by pre-upgrade checker.”

She also links to this post.

4. ORACLE : Shell script to rebuild indexes for index fragmentation

Vinod Siram starts by writing:

“In this article , we wrote a automation job for rebuild indexes for index fragmentation.

Note :

1) Please test the Shell script in Non-Prod before implementing it in Production.
2) Make sure you implement shell script during Application Downtime
3) Make sure no blocking sessions during the execution of the script.”

5. Using SQL Developer to Copy Data to the Oracle Cloud

6. How to import the table by using the impdp in Oracle Database 11gR2(

Mir Sayeed Hassan says, “In this scenario, I am going to import at the table “test1” in schema “MIRTEST” from the given dumpfile.”

7. “ORA-14451: unsupported feature with temporary table” Error When Creating a PRIVATE TEMPORARY TABLE in 19c

Mahmmoud Adel writes, “Private Temporary Tables (PTT) is a new feature in Oracle 18c, they have the similar characteristics of global temp tables but instead of being created under the TEMPORARY tablespace, they get created in the session’s PGA, which is a great feature for boosting the performance (if your PGA is big enough to host this kind of  PTT’s).”

8. How to apply weblocig Patches in R12.2

A 5 step set of instructions, and many links to support documents such as this one.

9. Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing: DDL Statements With Auto Indexes (No Control)

Richard Foote writes, “I’ve had a number of questions in relation to DDL support for Automatic Indexes since my last post on how one can now drop Automatic Indexes, so decided to quickly discuss what DDL statements are supported with Automatic Indexes.”

10. MySQL DB System on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Julian Dontcheff begins with, “MySQL has been for a long time second next to Oracle in the DB-Engines rankings. Moreover, MySQL was their 2019 Database of the Year! Now, MySQL is also available as DB System on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The database version is 8.0.21 with InnoDB Storage Engine.”

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